You caught I-CARE-Ing! Employee recognition | Kansas City VA Health Care

VA’s Core Values ​​of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence (I CARE) define who we are as VA employees and how we will fulfill our sacred obligation to care for Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors. They describe the culture of the organization and serve as the basis for how VA employees should interact with veterans, co-workers, and others outside the organization.

We would like to hear about your experiences with staff members who demonstrated one or more of these values ​​in their interactions with you. Please review the expanded meaning of each value used for the purposes of this employee recognition opportunity, then use the link or QR code below to submit your congratulations for those who live our values.

INTEGRITY: Acts with high moral standards. Adheres to the highest professional standards. Maintains the trust of everyone they engage with. Is honest and sincere. Operates with fairness and equity in mind.

COMMITMENT: Works diligently to serve veterans, caregivers and family members. Is motivated by a sincere faith in the mission of VA. Assumes individual and organizational responsibilities. Is passionate about providing high quality care and meeting the needs of all Veterans, no matter where they are or how they identify.

ADVOCACY: Is truly Veteran-centered by identifying, fully considering and appropriately advancing the interests of Veterans, caregivers and family members. Displays a veteran-focused attitude and encourages others to do the same. Supports initiatives that best serve Veterans, especially those aimed at addressing health disparities or inequities in care.

RESPECT: Treat all who are served with dignity and respect. Thought about the needs of others. Respectful of their co-workers. Give credit where it’s earned. Recognizes and appreciates the wide range of identities and perspectives of all who engage with KCVA. Welcome differences and stand up for those who are often left behind.

EXCELLENCY: Strives for the highest quality in everything they do. Dedicated to continuous improvement. Is thoughtful and decisive to take the lead when necessary. Is responsible for his actions and willing to admit his mistakes, works hard to correct them and offer better in the future. Don’t settle for “good enough”, but rather set goals that target “outstanding”.

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