US Journalist Splits Salary After Quitting Job, Starts Conversation About Transparency

An American journalist has sparked a trend on Twitter after tweeting her salary and the bonuses she received at her job after leaving it, for the benefit of potential candidates. At a time when corporate culture thrives on manipulation and fairness in media jobs might seem like a pipe dream, Victoria Walker’s single tweet managed to garner support from at least 79,000 other people who felt the same. Walker quit his job as a senior travel journalist at New York-based publication The Points Guy, The Independent reported. In her tweet, Walker not only shared that she received $1,07,000 at work, but also asked other aspirants to request at least $1,15,000.

“Oh! Before I forget – if you’re applying for my old job as Senior Travel Reporter, you should be asking for no less than 115,000, a signing bonus and a relocation bonus if you move to New York. In all transparency, I was at 107k. I believe being transparent is a way to achieve fairness in the media,” Victoria M Walker wrote in her tweet. So #shareyourpay,” she added.

This started a crucial conversation about salary transparency in media jobs.

“Your transparency is much needed and appreciated. It’s time we had these conversations more openly!” replied a journalist. Another Twitter user joked, “Boss: Welcome aboard! Now remember, don’t talk about your salary! New recruit: Don’t worry, I won’t! I’m as embarrassed about it as you are !” Another said: “Not a journalist but thanks for sharing! Keeping salaries hidden only benefits management, so we need to stop viewing it as a taboo.”

The tweet was appreciated by newbies who are also hoping to break into the industry, as they could be the demographic groups most affected by pay inequality in any field of employment. “As someone preparing to enter the journalism industry in May, I am SO grateful to every journalist who has disclosed their salary, personally or on social media,” one Twitter user wrote.

Could this happen in our country? “I don’t know if people will in India – employment contracts require people to reveal their salary…brave volunteers?” one Twitter user surmised.

Walker’s trend is definitely one that is set to take off across industries.

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