Tricor Hong Kong, CHKLC and HKIRA Launch Shareholder Survey – Different Ownership Models and Transparency

HONG KONG, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It is essential for companies of all sizes to maintain a high degree of corporate governance, particularly with regard to the transparency of their shareholder structure. Over the past ten years, more than 15% of the market capitalization holdings of all listed companies (“ListCos”) in hong kong changed from “registered name” holding to “nominee name” holding under HKSCCN. The latest figure shows that over 65% of ListCos market value is held under the name of an HKSCC Nominee. In some cases, such as with new ListCos, over 99% of their holdings are held by HKSCCN as the sole major shareholder.

While this “nominee structure” works well to reduce trading costs, it can have a negative impact on end investors and issuers, especially with regards to corporate governance which requires active communication and participation. between listed issuers and investors. In addition, it would seriously affect the statutory right of issuers to establish the necessary investor relations (“IR”) quickly and efficiently.

As the leading business development specialist in Asia With over 20 years of rich experience serving over 10,000 customers, including over 50% HKEX ListCos, Tricor has actively promoted the adoption of strong corporate governance and transparency by our customers. We are joining forces with the Hong Kong Chamber of Listed Companies (“CHKLC”) and the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (“HKIRA”) to launch a survey reviewing the different ownership models of ListCos in hong kong. The survey will seek input from Hong Kong ListCos across all industry sectors to identify concerns in existing shareholding structures and explore viable alternatives to address them.

Katherine Wong, Managing Director, Head of Share Registry and Issuer Services, Tricor Hong Kongsaid, “At Tricor, we strongly believe that strong corporate governance should be the foundation of ListCos operations, setting the standards for investor engagement. As knowledge of the shareholder base is the most important tool for conducting effective IR, proxy solicitation and/or governance campaigns, ListCos are increasingly demanding to have greater transparency to their shareholder base in real time. the most effective ownership structures and how to address shortcomings in their governance.”

Eva ChanChairman of the Hong Kong Investor Relations Associationsaid, “To communicate effectively with ListCos shareholders, the first step is to identify who your shareholders are. Under the current candidate structure, the beneficial owners of ListCos are not transparent. On the other hand, it is not practical for shareholders to exercise their rights through intermediaries.Hopefully with advanced technology there are new ways to bridge the gap.

“Communication with shareholders is a key part of corporate governance, with which ListCos can effectively convey its strategies and business plans to shareholders while the latter can express their views, a process that will lead to the improvement companies’ performance. We support Tricor’s initiative to improve understanding of the current state of access to shareholder information of listed issuers and find ways to improve,” said mike wangCEO of the Hong Kong Chamber of Listed Companies.

Through this survey, our organizations collectively hope to strengthen ultimate investor rights, corporate governance and shareholder transparency while enhancing legal certainty for issuers and shareholder rights.

About Tricor Hong Kong:

Founded in 2000, Tricor Hong Kong is the leading business development specialist in Asia. Our team of over 600 professionals serves over 10,000 clients across all industries, including over 50% of ListCos from hong kong and the mainland China.

Tricor Hong Kong’s business development solutions include integrated business management consulting, business administration and secretarial services, fiduciary and fiduciary services, and human resource consulting. Tricor Inside, our unique approach to business expansion, enables companies to seamlessly transition from start-up to IPO and beyond.

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About HKIRA:

Founded in 2008 with more than 1000 members working mainly for companies mainly listed on the Stock Exchange of hong kong, Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (“HKIRA”) is a non-profit professional association in the field of investor relations (“IR”), composed of IR practitioners and business executives, who are responsible for communications between company management and the investment community. HKIRA is dedicated to promoting the establishment of international standards in IR education, promoting best practices in IR, and meeting the professional development needs of those who wish to pursue a professional career in IR. HKIRA members come from a wide range of professions including IR, finance, accounting and corporate secretarial to corporate investment and hold positions at different levels of the company, including senior executives responsible for RI and management of listed companies. For more detail information of HKIRA, please visit our website

About CHKLC:

Established in September 2002the Hong Kong Chamber of Listed Companies (CHKLC) undertakes to represent hong kong listed companies in its efforts to create a healthy listing environment for companies and improve the overall quality of the stock market.

Listed member companies of CHKLC come from a wide range of business and industry backgrounds and include local blue chips, large H shares and Red Chips as well as medium and small companies and GEM shares. Our members’ market capitalization exceeds 33% of that of the broader market, giving us a unique mandate to represent the interests of listed companies on important market issues.

We work closely with the Government, the Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission and other professional parties to deliberate on market rules and regulations, promote a strong culture of corporate governance and equip listed companies with the latest knowledge and market information. In doing so, we help to ensure a sound and balanced regulatory structure in hong kongand to increase the quality and efficiency of the market, thus helping to maintain that of Hong Kong international financial market status and China first center of capital formation.


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