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Leaders can come from anywhere in an organization, and building a modern, high-performing workforce starts with the CEO. Their commitment to living the values ​​of the organization encourages others to become effective leaders.
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After the President of First Hawaiian Bank, President and CEO Bob Harrison kicked off the 9th edition Business in Hawaii Leadership Conference with opening comments on leadership and Hawaii’s ever-changing business environment, he joined Servco Pacific President Rick Ching and Howard Hughes Corporation Hawaii President Doug Johnstone, on stage for the opening session of the conference: “This is the future you need to prepare for.” Moderated by Business in Hawaii Editor-in-Chief Steve Petranik, these three inspiring leaders discussed the importance of retaining talent, company culture, experimentation and failure, remote work and building a program valuable.

Petranik led every discussion on the subject by offering a noteworthy quote for C-suite executives to discuss in depth. “A strong company culture is built on trust,” Harrison said, “We want to work hard and play hard with each other. Trust comes from a willingness to step up and help, even when it’s not It’s not your job, which creates a better organization where people want to work.

Hb2207 Ay Leadership Conference 2022 Bob Harrison Doug Johnstone

Photo: Aaron Yoshino

The group agreed that with the increasing opportunities for remote work, today’s employee does not want to be micromanaged, but appreciates the flexibility of collaborating with colleagues in an environment that allows them to perform at their best. capacities. Leaders can come from anywhere in an organization, so the secret to developing a successful modern workforce begins with the CEO and their commitment to living the organization’s culture and values ​​to encourage other effective leaders. With the pandemic forcing businesses to test new processes and procedures that had never been put in place before, the importance of allowing people and teams to fail, learn and adapt became a top priority. .

Hb2207 Ay Leadership Conference 2022 Rick Ching Steve Petranik

Photo: Aaron Yoshino

“When it comes to building a better future in Hawaii, we have to decide what kind of jobs we want to create and what kind of society to support,” Harrison said during the panel’s audience question portion. “And we’re not going to accomplish that by doing the same things we’re doing now. We need to practice self-assessment, confront difficult questions, and bring flexibility to our core beliefs.

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