The 25 Best Fintech Companies to Watch in 2022

Throughout 2021, the fintech industry continued to experience meteoric growth as consumers and individuals digitized and automated more aspects of their financial lives. As demand for tools like digital banking, financial automation, and emerging frontiers like DeFi continues to grow, new and established players in the space will likely be some of the most interesting companies to watch in 2022.

Here are the fintech movers and shakers that broke records in 2021 and continue to rise on the radar of consumers, businesses, and investors:

1. Payerang

Paymerang is one of the dominant players in the field of access point automation. The company provides next-generation financial and payment automation solutions.

Its solutions use a combination of intelligent data capture technologies, artificial intelligence and an electronic document workflow designed to improve organizational efficiency.

2. Serious

Earnest’s request aims to help current and future students shoulder the burden of pursuing their education. The platform connects students with low-interest student loans so they can find the perfect financing solution for their educational needs.


A relatively new entry into the crypto wallet space, Dizzy aims to give users more control over their cryptocurrency assets with one-click staking. Giddy’s non-custodial wallet empowers investors while allowing them to earn interest on current crypto assets.

4. Table

Deploy is committed to helping consumers better understand the impact of their daily transaction habits on their overall financial health. As a B2B company, Array markets its solutions directly to companies that want to provide their users with more personalized information about their credit usage.


Clyde offers companies access to a dynamic insurance platform. The company connects companies with a network of insurers. They can use this platform to offer their customers extended warranty insurance coverage that provides protection against events such as normal wear and tear, defects, and theft.


Robin Hood remains the most popular investment app for individual investors. The app is simple to use and commission free.

The company also allows investors to buy fractional shares, which is especially attractive to people who want to buy high-value stocks but don’t have the resources to buy a whole stock at a time.

7. Figure

Our 7and pick is another fintech solution aimed at improving the financial health of users. Figure will gradually transfer small amounts of funds into a designated savings account based on each user’s specifications. Digit analyzes a user’s spending habits and deposit history to determine when and how much money to transfer.

8. Western Union

In order to maintain its dominant position in the money transfer market, Western Union has made significant investments in the fintech space. It allows customers to initiate transactions using a wide range of mediums, including a mobile app, the company’s website, or even over the phone.


Flywire is a payment platform designed specifically for the needs of those who perform high priority transactions. The company has a global payment network, which allows users to pay for education, healthcare, travel expenses or other vital services in local currencies. A key feature of Flywire is that it offers locked exchange rates.

10. COAT

The tenth pick on our list is a solution specifically designed for credit unions and banks. MANTL is designed to optimize tedious back-office processes by providing these institutions with an omnichannel account management platform. These entities can use MANTL to manage their brand reputation and provide personalized user experiences.

11. Spring Labs

Spring Labs facilitates the secure transfer of information between different companies. The fintech company achieves this by leveraging the power of blockchain and cutting-edge data ledger technology. Spring Labs increases transparency between companies and reduces fraud.

12. Chime

Carillon is a pioneer in the mobile banking industry that continues to offer its customers great benefits such as free membership and payday advance deposits. The company is one of the fastest growing US banks, despite having no physical location.


With over 73 million users, Coinbase is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency shopping platforms in the world. Coinbase is available in over 30 countries and has facilitated the exchange of tens of billions of dollars in crypto, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

14. Opt

opt is a trading company that facilitates the buying and selling of bonds, futures and stocks. Additionally, Optiver builds markets by providing liquidity to various exchanges around the world. Fintech focuses on improving market transparency and efficiency.

15. Silver Varo

Due to the growing popularity of online banking institutions, we couldn’t include a single one on our list.

While Varo Silver and Varo Bank haven’t quite caught up with Chime, the online financial institution doing big things in the fintech space. It has a great mobile app, offers many member benefits, and provides users with valuable insights into their spending habits.

16. Credit Karma

In 2022, look for credit karma remain a dominant force in the fintech sector. Credit Karma offers its users free access to credit scores and other vital financial health reports. The company uses this data to connect customers with auto insurance recommendations, loans, and more.

17. JPMorgan Chase

As one of the largest financial institutions in the world, JPMorgan Chase is also a major player in the fintech industry. The organization offers a suite of digital products designed to increase accessibility to its various services.

18. Affirm

During the last years, To assert has become one of the leading lending platforms in the country. By using Affirm, consumers can split the cost of online purchases into smaller installments. Affirm allows users to select their repayment term, with terms ranging from 3 months to 3 years.

19. Sophie

SoFi offers a range of services, including wealth management, loans and refinancing options. The company uses advanced algorithms to predict the likelihood that a consumer will repay their loan. This approach allows them to rely less on credit scores to determine loan worthiness.

20. Circle

Circle is another innovative company looking to make its mark in the crypto and blockchain space. The company helps businesses send or accept payments worldwide. To do this, Circle uses a blockchain infrastructure that maintains security while creating an auditable transactional trail.

21. Lending Club

the loan club market allows investors to buy fractional loans or notes. Borrowers can use Lending Club to obtain vital funds through peer-to-peer investing. These funds can be used for home renovations, debt consolidation, vehicle repairs, and more.

22. Infusion

Managing investments with traditional management practices can be tedious and time-consuming. In fusion seeks to change all that by offering users an integrated investment management solution. Their platform also assists users with risk management, accounting, and compliance.

23. Wise

Wise is a currency exchange solution that allows users around the world to send or receive funds seamlessly internationally. The system can be used by individual users or companies. Wise’s invoicing tool is particularly appealing to businesses that rely on the services of international providers.


the billtrust is designed to streamline payment cycle management for businesses in all industries. Billtrust makes it easy to automate key billing-related tasks so businesses can stabilize their cash flow.

25. Venmo

Rounding out our list of the top 25 fintech companies to watch in 2022, Venmo. Venmo’s app allows individuals to exchange money effortlessly without having to move money around. The app can be used to split bills with friends, pay for services, etc.

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