State funds ‘irreplaceable keystone’ of Penn State land granting mission

“The importance of state funding to enable Penn State to carry out its mission on behalf of the Pennsylvanians is immense,” said Penn State President Eric J. Barron. “To enable the University to provide a lower rate of tuition in the state that benefits thousands of Pennsylvania students and their families, the programs, resources and expertise offered by Penn State Extension, at the access to top quality care through Penn State Health, the impact of our credits can be felt in every community in Pennsylvania. ”

The General Support Credit is the most important and, for most Pennsylvanians, the most recognizable part of the University’s state funding. It is because of the General Support Allowance that Penn State can offer an in-state tuition rate that is on average $ 13,300 less per year than the non-resident rate, directly benefiting about $ 45. 000 University-wide resident Pennsylvania undergraduate students.

For Lexi Barilotti, a third-year student from Drexel Hill, Pa., Who specializes in business innovation and entrepreneurship and political science, cost was a big factor when choosing a university, and she said Penn State was “incredibly affordable” for the quality of education she knew she would receive.

“Penn State’s tuition rate impacts me every day because it keeps me working for my degrees,” said Barilotti, who is president of the Lion Caucus student organization at Penn State. “As someone who chose to come to Penn State because of affordable, world-class education, tuition in the state is an incredibly important part of my time in Happy Valley. Since Penn State has such a wide range of students from a variety of backgrounds and economic status, it is essential that we give all students the opportunity to earn a degree that will pave the way for them to follow in the Commonwealth.

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