Shell Avenue thrives in leadership, organizational and career transformation

The Spiritual Growth Incubator is applying its storytelling approach to professionals and organizations after the pandemic exposed weak spots in corporate culture.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 09, 2022

Shell Avenue, a private center for therapeutic recovery and personal transformation, is expanding its operations. The spiritual growth incubator focused on curated personal growth counseling for people wishing to overcome their life limitations, such as addiction, negative belief systems, relationship and family challenges, applies its transformational philosophy to generate enormous internal coaching success for companies, executives and those who need career advice.

“At Shell, we find that what unites everyone who walks through our doors is some kind of misdirection in their personal GPS,” says Shell Founder and CEO Sean McFarland, “They’re stuck in their stories and relive their trauma on a daily basis. Companies are no different. Their culture defines their success, and the pandemic has seen one of the greatest upheavals in modern history: people have finally realized the role their working lives have on their self-esteem.

Founded in 2001 by Sean McFarland, Shell Avenue has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families overcome their challenges, confront their demons and transform their lives. Today, leaders, organizations and other professionals look to Shell’s Sean McFarland to help them imbue themselves and their work culture with conscious decisions and intentional values. As always, as Sean says, the goal is, “First to like wins!”

This type of work is not entirely new to Shell. Sean McFarland has worked with companies such as ad tech giant Channel Factory, SEO and digital marketing agency GR0, Ferrazzi Greenlight, a Los Angeles-based global consulting and coaching firm, and Peter Diamandis, MD ; author of Abundance, BOLD, The Future is Faster Than You Think and LIFE FORCE, which he co-wrote with Tony Robbins and out this month.

“Sean McFarland is an extraordinary executive and performance coach, who has supported me over the past decade in all aspects of my life. He offers wisdom, insight and coaching with superior love, consistency and power. He is extraordinarily proactive in reaching out and making himself available on a level that I have never experienced before.I feel blessed to have Sean in my corner.

At the organizational level, academic research highlights how strategically vital corporate culture is for organizational performance and employee well-being and the pandemic has put enormous pressure on all companies, even those with strong track records. cultural.

The Shell Avenue philosophy takes a 360º approach to the individual and the institution with an emphasis on transparency, equality and the importance of pause-focused decision-making. Pause-focused decision-making is about creating empathetic, non-reactive corporate environments by investing in thriving in all areas of employees’ lives. Time and time again, we’ve seen how more fulfilled employees produce more effective work, unconstrained by personal resentments, unnecessary intra-office rivalries, and other daily grievances or issues that hold them back and make them feel out of place. -synchronization with their colleagues and the mission of the company.

“I look at my people and my business in a whole new way thanks to Sean. I look forward to seeing other businesses and leaders benefit from what Shell has successfully delivered to GR0,” says GRO CEO and Founder , Kevin Miller, “As companies like ours continue to adjust to new normal conditions, Shell Avenue’s offer is truly welcome.”

Sean McFarland of Shell Avenue offers one-on-one coaching, internal employee coaching, and targeted corporate workshops and retreats, online and in person. For more information or to book a consultation, visit the Shell website here.

About Shell Avenue:

Shell Avenue is a spiritual growth incubator that helps people from all walks of life – drug addicts, ex-cons, trauma survivors, individuals, couples, families, executives and businesses – change their narrative and rediscover their primary purpose.

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