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“Be More Boba Fett” is the latest in DK’s “Be More” paperback line (also available for Vader, Leia, Lando, Yoda or Obi-Wan), and this installment explains how to “always get the job done. As a freelance on the advice of the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Although the book itself is short, author Joseph Jay Franco – whose “devotion to the return of Boba Fett does never faltered, “according to his author bio – wrote a fun, easy-to-read, reference-filled guide to being a successful entrepreneur. Get your IRS Form 1099 ready and get started.

The full-color hardcover book features scenes and quotes from a variety of Star Wars media, including prequels through the original trilogy movies, “The Mandalorian” and “The Clone Wars” animated series on one opposite page and tips on winning contracts inspired by Boba Fett. The quotes come from characters like Jango Fett, Bossk, Aurra Sing, Din Djarin, and of course, the man himself, and, for the most part, illustrate every point Franco tries to make good on.

It includes five sections on topics such as “Find Your Way”, “Work for Pay”, “Stand Out from the Crowd”, “Master Your Craft” and “Play the Long Game”.

The introduction to the “Find Your Way” section begins with the heartbreaking stop of young Boba holding Jango’s helmet after the first Geonosis battle of “Attack of the Clones”. It really hammers the reality for many who are just starting out on their freelance journeys – it’s often loneliness and you can feel disheartened at times. But cultivating mentors and business partners can help you through the process until you’re really ready to go solo.

As a freelance writer myself, I have personally connected with the advice that “The only opinion that matters is that of the client” as well as “Always get paid”. One of the first things I learned as a freelance writer is that you get paid to make the client happy, even if you don’t agree with some of the choices they make. And I don’t want to get into the number of times I’ve had to chase payment because my bills were ignored, even though, to be fair, I wasn’t working for someone as specific as Darth Vader. at the time.

I burst out laughing when I got to the “Know When to Outsource” page, which was accompanied by an “Attack of the Clones” always from Jango telling his fellow bounty hunter Zam Wessell, “We’ll have to try something. something more subtle this time, Zam. My client is getting impatient. After all, the attempted assassination of Senator Amidala was a master class in practice, with Jango outsourcing the work to Wessell, who essentially outsourced the work to an ASN Mail Droid and Worms. mortals Kouhun.

“Have a contingency plan” was another highlight. “What if a half-blind smuggler breaks your jetpack, having you eaten by a giant monster living in the pits?” Franco writes. “Would you know what to do next?” While I’m still waiting for The Boba Fett Book to hopefully respond in a canon-compliant manner so that I know what to do, the point remains.

One criticism I have, as I mentioned above, is that some of the quotes and images don’t necessarily revolve around Boba Fett’s experience, but rather that of another character. For example, on the page opposite the advice on ‘getting the right gear’, the image is a photo of Paz Viszla flying outside the Razor Crest with his jetpack, with Din Djarin saying, ‘I have to buy some. a. Although the quote from Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian illustrates this point, it would have been great to include instead a moment when Cobb Vanth is in Boba’s armor or a moment after Boba has recovered his armor.

All in all, if you know a Star Wars or Boba Fett fan who is tired of handling 9 to 5 corporate culture and is ready to stand on their own two feet, you should definitely gift them this book. . It just might help them with all the metaphorical Sarlacc pits they come across on their journey. As Franco concludes, “If you get knocked out of the game and disappear for a while, you can always pick your way up and start over.” “

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