OPS: Investigation shows no indication that a recent online threat originated in Owensboro, no local students involved


Graphic by Owensboro Times

After further investigation, the Owensboro Police Department determined that there was no indication that the recent “TikTok Challenge” threat, which referred to a school bearing the initials “WHO”, had any connection to Owensboro. , according to a statement from Owensboro Public Schools.

“OPD conducted extensive interviews and coordinated with TikTok Headquarters during their investigation and determined that there is NO INDICATION that the original threat originated from Owensboro or referred to our specific building, “according to a statement Wednesday morning from Owensboro Public Schools. . “They also determined that NONE of our students were involved in this incident.”

The threat – which police and school officials said appeared to be part of a challenge on social media – referred to a school with the initials “WHO” on it, though it was unclear what where the source of the threat came from. According to the OPD, they received information with reference to the social media post at around 11:20 p.m. on December 15.

They immediately began interviewing several people and obtaining search warrants for social media platforms. They also had additional agents present on OPS property for the remainder of the week.

PAHO’s Wednesday statement continued, “As we mentioned earlier, this was another example of the ‘TikTok’ challenges that have arisen across the country and our district must address every threat to our people. students or our schools as if it were real until we know otherwise. We encourage parents and guardians to continue monitoring your students’ social media habits and talking to them about the dangers and consequences of these “challenges”.


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