Message from the Chief of Police, Sylvie Hauth



Thunder Bay Police Chief, Hauth

The following message from Chief of Police Sylvie Hauth was conveyed earlier today to all members of the Thunder Bay Police Service and to the Chairman of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board:

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board yesterday released a response to the TBPA Chairman’s opinion piece. The Chairman of the Board underlined a major objective of the new strategic plan:

One of our strategic goals is to have a healthy and supported workforce and to invest in people by providing a safe and positive work environment, and to enable our workforce to better serve his community. We also work to foster a corporate culture of holistic health and wellness, which includes:

• Incorporate a leading health, safety and wellness strategy that emphasizes physical, mental, emotional and cultural health.
• Provide our workforce with the people, training, space and equipment necessary to do their jobs safely and efficiently.
• Work with our sworn and civilian members to immediately address their top concerns in the workplace.

This goal is one that I believe will provide a solid foundation as the Thunder Bay Police Service moves forward. The development of the strategic plan included comments from you, the members of the SPTB, on the direction of this organization.

I am personally committed to working with our members and the Board of Directors to achieve the goals set out in the plan. This includes an open dialogue with members of the Thunder Bay Police Association and the Thunder Bay Police Senior Officers Association on how to meet the expectations of the community we serve. We are a collective of diverse opinions and backgrounds, and combined, we are a strong organization that can take on any challenge. There are a number of operational priorities that are important and need to be addressed.

I would like to highlight the results of the APTB membership survey last spring and the surveys conducted by the Police Services Board as part of its research on the strategic plan. It is clear to me that it is very important to listen to your concerns and aspirations for the Thunder Bay Police Service. I want you to have the resources, tools and support you need to serve the community.

I look forward to continuing our work to improve the Thunder Bay Police Service for our sworn and civilian members and our community.

Chief Hauth


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