KOGAS will advance green driving in 2022

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KOGAS will advance green driving in 2022

The headquarters of Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) in Daegu. Courtesy of KOGAS
The headquarters of Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) in Daegu. Courtesy of KOGAS
Chae Hee-bong, CEO of KOGAS
Chae Hee-bong, CEO of KOGAS

By Lee Kyung-min

The Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) will make significant investments in the hydrogen industry, as part of a long-term business shift towards the green transition increasingly embraced by major global organizations, the energy company said on Tuesday. public.

The company plans to establish a growth model centered on hydrogen, a key profit-generating engine supported by the safe management of liquefied natural gas (LNG), its main source of energy.

Five key tasks will be promoted this year and will include the preparation of specific carbon neutral action plans to introduce what the company has identified as “green hydrogen”, the expansion of new energy activities in LNG cooling and strengthening supply management.

Also included is the establishment of the best security management and oversight system as well as an overhaul of corporate governance to drive digital transformation and productivity.

The company will expand the current activities of refrigeration logistics, air liquefaction and data center operations. It will accelerate gas-to-power (GTP) projects overseas, including in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

Purchase order management will be strengthened in order to increase long-term and spot LNG exchange stocks, in anticipation of unexpected disruptions in supply and demand of the main heat source. Various contractual terms will be described to enhance the competitiveness of the packages.

The company will strengthen the effectiveness of on-site safety inspections and prepare measures to better prevent industrial accidents at partner companies.

Company-wide efforts will be put in place to establish a corporate culture in which safety management is seen as the top priority, an approach that will be followed by substantial investment in employee training and awareness campaigns.

Digitization-driven work processes will be implemented to maximize efficiency and productivity, a new strategy also pursued with greater promotional activities to improve business-to-consumer (B2C) relations, communications and equal and fair collaboration among employees, fostering a culture of integrity and anti-corruption.

“The year 2022 is the year of the black tiger. KOGAS should strive to achieve future goals the same way a tiger catches prey,” said Chae Hee-bong, CEO of KOGAS. “Let’s create a wonderful year where all employees dream, challenge and thrive.”

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