How to save at the movies. Don’t miss any movies!

We all like to enjoy a good movie. We get excited when we know that the movie we are waiting for is about to be released and we even find out the prices and cinemas that will be pre-sold.

Well, going to the movies is an expense that you must have in your personal budget to avoid unbalancing it. In this note I show you how to save on film .

Compare prices well

Compare prices well

Not because your entertainment budget is tight you have to deprive yourself of the cinema. Ideally, to save, you compare ticket prices in different cinemas near where you are. Choose the cinema whose entry costs less.

Choose a cinema where you can enter your own piqueos

With the new rule dictated by Indecopi you no longer have to pay for those expensive combos. Now you can enter your own snacks similar to those of the candy store of the cinema. You can buy canchita in the supermarket and enter with it, nobody will forbid it and it costs up to 7 times less than in the same establishment. You can also enter with your own drinks and let’s be honest a bottled soda of S / 2.00, the market is much more profitable than a glass of soda of S / 7.00 for the same amount of drink.

Use coupons

Use coupons

They sell them in the coupons and come out much cheaper than two movie tickets and even includes the combo. With certain telephone lines they also offer discounts, I have to buy two tickets at the price of one each month; also with certain credit cards you are offered lower costs for both 2D and 3D tickets.

And if you join the cinema you always visit, you also have promotions and even give you tickets for your birthday. Great right?

Buy online

If your goal is saving all forms are worth it, this includes online shopping. There are cinemas that discount you S / 1.00 per ticket if you buy online.

Go after lunch or dinner

This will make you not want to eat inside the cinema and you will be saving on food and drink. Eating at the cinema is not a necessity, the idea is to enjoy the movie.

Take advantage of free screenings

There are raffles for opening days, try your luck and compete. And if you do not want to leave things to chance then attend free screenings organized by cultural centers, municipalities, universities, etc. On the Internet you can find projection calendars!

Saving is important, but not for them we must deprive ourselves of the small tastes of life. It’s all about learning not to spend more and plan the expenses of our entertainment. What other advice do you leave us to save at the movies?

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