How the housing savings sub-account works – Apply for a Loan

The most important patrimony of the families is their house, for that reason it must know how the sub account of saving for the house works.

An important part of your personal finances is knowing that if you work in a company that offers you benefits such as social security, by law you have an account, in there are two items, retirement savings and the housing savings fund.

Your salary plus the benefits you receive

Your salary plus the benefits you receive

There every two months your employer must deposit every two months an amount equivalent to 5 percent of your integrated salary, that is, your salary plus the benefits you receive.

For example, moneyvit establishes, if you pay a salary of 10 thousand pesos, the corresponding 5 percent would be 500 pesos, and as money is covered by your company every two months, there would be 1 thousand that would be paid directly to your Sub Account If you quote with the minimum wage (about two thousand weights), each employer would pay your bimonthly about 200 weights.

Thus the accumulation of these employer contributions is forming what we know with the Housing Sub-Account, that money will remain there until you withdraw or decide to apply for a loan in moneyvit or in conjunction with a bank and the agency, which is known as a scheme Cofinavit

Buy a home

Buy a home

In order to use this money to buy a home, you need:

-Have a formal job with benefits

-Have 116 points

– That your company is paying the mandatory bimonthly contributions to moneyvit

-Make a maximum of 64 years 11 months

To know how many points you have accumulated, it is necessary that you consider that at a higher salary, moneyvit grants you a higher number of points.

How much does it lend me?


The National Workers Housing Fund Institute will calculate how much it will lend to you based on your age and salary contribution, and will add the balance you have in your housing sub-account.

For example, if you are quoting with a salary of 6 thousand pesos and you are 35 years old or younger, and if you are 116 or up to 153 points, your credit amount would be approximately 279 thousand 555 plus your Housing Sub-Account Balance , a small amount of extra credit that moneyvit grants in green homes, on average 10 thousand pesos, and in contrast, if you have the same number of points, you earn the same, but you are 50 years old, moneyvit would only lend you 195 thousand pesos plus the extra credit of approximately 10 thousand pesos, plus your Housing Sub-Account.

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