Hana Financial Group makes “connectivity” a core value

Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo speaks about the company’s 2030 vision at an event in central Seoul on Thursday. [HANA FINANCIAL GROUP]

Hana Financial Group has proposed connectivity as a core business value through 2030.

It plans to connect finance to lifestyle services through its HANA 1Q mobile app.

Under the theme “All Connected in Hana Finance,” the financial company will provide special experiences for its customers and make an innovative financial platform available to everyone, Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo said during of an event held Thursday in central Seoul. to announce the company’s 2030 vision.

“The line between finance and industry is disappearing,” said Hana Bank spokesperson Lee Jae-min. “We recently sold tickets for a football match on HANA 1Q. We plan to expand these lifestyle services in the future, such as selling movie tickets on the app, and offer perks to app users by offering connected services with our affiliates, such as Hana Card.

Hana Financial Group said it will focus on gaining customer trust, achieving digital innovations, such as artificial intelligence and metaverse, and strengthening the HANA 1Q application by adding more lifestyle services. diversified on the application.

Hana Financial Group said it organized digital strategy, data and ICT teams to develop investments on the metaverse and blockchain.

Ham was approved as chairman of Hana Financial Group in March.

BY JIN MIN-JI [[email protected]]

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