Elon University / Today at Elon / Business fellows gain insight into their careers during company tours in New York

Senior Business Fellows visited CIBC, Credit Suisse, Richard Bernstein Advisors, Wells Fargo, Nasdaq, IPG Health, Bloomberg, Matrix Applications, FactSet and Salesforce to discuss industries and career paths while learning the power of the alumni network Elon’s students.

A group of senior Business Fellows visited several organizations in New York City over two days in September to gain insight into various industries and career paths.

The scholarship recipients, accompanied by Raj Gupta, professor of finance; David Moura, lecturer in management; Brooke Buffington, director of the Student Professional Development Center; and Beth Mannella, associate director of corporate and employer relations; spent time at CIBC, Credit Suisse, Richard Bernstein Advisors, Wells Fargo, Nasdaq, IPG Health, Bloomberg, Matrix Applications, FactSet and Salesforce.

After office visits, fellows attended presentations and participated in question-and-answer sessions with company representatives. Topics covered included career paths, changing office culture and office space design since the pandemic, work-life balance, how best to prepare for the job market, how how different teams work together and the transition from university to business.

Fellows had the opportunity to meet the following Elon alumni during company visits:

  • Shane Powers ’99, Credit Suisse
  • Ryan Healey ’19, Bloomberg
  • Andrew Palmieri ’13, Salesforce
  • April Frazer ’03 and JamiLynn Rufo ’07, Wells Fargo
  • Colleen Judge ’20 and Andrew Robbins ’20, Matrix Applications
  • Vince Scozzari ’16 and Michael Quinn ’14, Richard Bernstein Advisors
  • Justin Wanner ’13, Alex Francis ’16 and Tanisha Gupta ’19, CIBC
  • Samantha Glicker ’19 and Brandon DeRaffele ’19, FactSet
  • Katherine Sheridan ’17, Quinn Gordinier ’22 and Emily Rogers ’22, Nasdaq

“This trip has given me a lot of knowledge and insight into future careers after Elon,” accounting major Colby Ehrhart ’23 G’23 said. “I have enjoyed hearing from Elon alumni about their post-graduation experiences as well as their various professional development opportunities. The conversations we were able to have helped spark my interest and excitement at enter the labor market.

“I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the city in a professional light with my cohort of Business Fellows and to connect with Elon’s incredible network of alumni,” said Jane Ragland ’23 , double major in economic consulting and accounting. “Seeing the incredible things Elon alumni are doing at companies like Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo and CIBC makes me so proud to be a Phoenix. During our visit to Nasdaq, not only did we get to watch the bell opening night and see “Elon University” shine on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square, but we also got to hear the stories of three Elon alumni, who credited the determination, professionalism and the humility that Elon taught them as the engine of their success.

While in New York, the group also attended the Elon LEADS event in New York, which included remarks from Business Fellow Ava Rosen ’23, who spoke about her life-changing experiences with Elon.

“The Elon Leads event shone a light on our strong alumni network,” Ragland said. “Connecting with old friends and meeting new mentors at this event was the perfect complement to the trip to show how the Elon community is here to support you beyond graduation. As I start my first job and as I move forward in my professional career, I will continue to value the connections I have made on this journey and the exposure I have had in different businesses and career paths. I look forward to joining soon the Elon alumni community in New York.

“Having the last three and a half years at Elon to learn, grow and see all the possibilities to apply the knowledge we learn here in the real world is exciting,” said Hailey Crawford ’23, an economic consulting major. “On top of that, watching recent graduates flourish in roles that some of us may see ourselves in a few years from now is very encouraging for the future!”

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