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There are many reasons why people get into debt.

Many don’t know how to get out of it, but this article will show you what you need to do to get that weight off your shoulders! This post will give you some practical suggestions on how to save money and pay down debts.

It is possible for anyone, regardless of their situation, income level, or credit score. The first step is recognizing the problem and taking steps towards solving it. So let’s get to the steps to answer how to get out of debt.

Why Is Getting Out of Debt Fast Worth it?

90% of individuals say that money has an impact on their stress levels. A study found this entails impacts your health.

Having financial problems can cause it to be harder to save, budget in advance, or even start writing a list at a local store.

If extra debt money was available, it might be worth boosting financial confidence, morale, and opportunities to save. Financial experts regularly recommend two ways of reducing debt: the “avalanche” technique and the “snowball” technique. The two programs will help you focus on debt reduction. The snowball method is first to get your debts paid off, then take the next payday.

Both of these methods, however, require you to structure yourself and stick to a routine. If you would rather have support and someone to help you, it would be worth joining a service like Resolve to support you in solving your debt fast.

1) Stop Borrowing Money

This may seem pretty straightforward, but many people don’t realize that borrowing money is the first step to accumulating more debt. So stop doing it! If you’re in a situation where you need credit cards or loans for emergency purchases, then find other forms of financing, which we will cover later on in this article.

2) Resolve Your Debt, Affordably

If you’ve tried to resolve your debt but couldn’t afford the high fees that come along with many solutions, there is still a way forward. Resolve is an app that connects people with experienced debt agents for a low monthly membership fee.  They will help you lower interest rates, stop collection calls, negotiate with creditors to refund fees and provide budgeting tools, all for a monthly subscription that averages about $17. After resolving your debt, you can give a tip for completed services, but it is entirely optional. 

It feels good to be free from the stress of debt collectors calling all day long or worrying about how much money is left in your bank account at the end of each month.

Find out more about Resolve here.

3) Plan to Pay off Debt: Try a Debt Snowball

For getting rid of all of the bad debts within the fastest possible time, you should use the debt snowball method.

What Is a Debt Snowball?

Debt Snowball is a debt repayment technique where you prioritize your debts and start with the smallest balance, paying off one at a time and moving to each larger balance. Personal finance author Dave Ramsey popularised the method, and it can be suitable for anyone who wants to build momentum in paying off debt.

How To Use the Debt Snowball Method To Pay Off Debt

If you want to try this method for getting out of debt, it’s pretty easy to do, simply:

  • List your debts from the smallest balance to the largest; consider student loans, personal loans, and credit card debt.
  • Pay the maximum amount per month on your smallest debt while paying the minimum payment allowed on the rest.
  • After the smallest debt is paid, continue applying the same principles to the second smallest debt.
  • Continue this process until all debts are paid and you are debt-free!

4) Use the Debt Avalanche Strategy

An alternative method to the Debt Snowball method is the Debt Avalanche which is another good option for paying off your debt.

Getting out of debt with this method works like this:

  • You make a list of your existing debt and sort them through the highest interest rates to the smallest.
  • Pay off debt faster by setting aside extra money to pay off your debt on the highest interest rate. Make minimum payments on the rest of your debts until you pay off debt on the highest interest loan.
  • By paying off debt that’s the highest interest rate and then repaying your debts, you’ll reduce debt and reduce the overall interest rate you pay.
  • Continue to work through this method until you are debt-free.

Becoming debt-free in this method works exceptionally well as long as you have an additional amount of money in your budget to make extra payments.

5) Renegotiate Credit Card Debt

Many people in debt don’t realize they can renegotiate their terms with credit card companies. If you can call up your bank and ask for more favorable rates, then it will be much easier to pay off the debt faster without having to worry about accruing interest on top of what you already owe.

All you need to do is ask! As long as your repayment history is solid, it would be best if you had an excellent chance of getting better terms.

You can apply this tip to other expenses to lower your overall bills, as credit companies aren’t the only business that will want to keep your business. Try contacting the below too and trying this method:

  • Your utility providers
  • Any insurance providers you have
  • Phone bills
  • Any memberships that you are out of contract on (pretend to cancel and see what they are willing to offer you to stay)

It’s always worth asking! Imagine what difference you could make toward your financial goals by saving 10% off each of your bills!

6) Consider Balance Transfers & Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation and balance transfers can be helpful to see all of your debt in one place. They help you pay off the debt by putting all the companies you owe money to in one place.

If you struggle to organize your debt and want a manageable monthly payment, this option could be worth exploring.

Balance transfers on credit cards can also be worth exploring if you have a decent credit rating and have started to pay interest on an expired 0% credit card. For instance, if you have multiple credit cards with debt, you could use a balance transfer to transfer all credit card debt so that it is in one place and you are paying much less interest.

What to watch out for in this method:

  • Balance transfer fees often apply, so make sure to check.
  • Some credit card providers will only let you transfer a limited amount, so be sure to check before you apply.
  • This method would support you to get out of debt, but to pay off debt fast, you will need to make extra payments on top of the monthly consolidated debt.

7) Create the Best Budget To Pay Off and Stay Out of Debt

The best budget for you might be quite different from another. Flexibility is a vital ingredient in success and will keep you in check during a crisis.

Use goal-setting to help guide your budget. Ask yourself questions like:

  • When do you want to be out of debt?
  • What are you willing to give up to get there fast?

Make sure there is freedom in your budget for savings so that you avoid going into further debt but don’t have so much freedom so that you allow yourself to keep spending.

The easiest way to pay off debts fast is to make sacrifices. If you don’t go without what you don’t want, you will never be able to get rid of your financial debt. Use your learned experience to create a better budget than last time.

Steps You Should Take to Start a Budget.

1) You need to know where you stand today. Start by writing down all of your committed expenses and compare that to your current income.

2) Review your current committed expenses – are there any you can reduce? For example, gym memberships you don’t use.

3) Read about some of the different budget methods and pick one that sounds the easiest for you to follow and what you will most likely stick to. My personal favorite is the 50/30/20 budget.

Make Sure To Avoid Past Mistakes When Setting a Budget.

People are creatures of habit, and spending money isn’t an exception. We shop in the same markets, eat in the same restaurants and drive the same vehicle.

This will cost you in the long run if you don’t make changes, affecting your ability to take responsibility in the future. If you don’t modify your financial habits, you’ll end up in debt forever. You cannot make do without taking that step. You have to make better decisions in what you do. You are likely to see a change in your spending habits immediately.

Think about what habits you have that could be costing you extra money on your budget. For example, how many times are you eating out per week?

Make Sure To Create a Family Budget

It is common to see a household member be responsible for all their family’s financial affairs. Sometimes this means only that one individual knows the family’s finances. If you are trying to succeed, it’s crucial to have a strict budget to clear everything, and everyone knows where your debt goes.

It would be best to have everyone involved in the house as a participant in tracking and budgeting steps. Come clean with your partner and friends. But if they aren’t familiar with your finances, then they cannot understand your situation. You must involve them in this process so they see the same thing. There might be some challenging discussions.

8) Work Side Hustles

Sometimes having a strict budget isn’t enough. You might find that even on the most stringent budget, you are still living from paycheck to paycheck. If this is the case for you, it might be time to try a side hustle to generate extra cash.

If the task of doing another job seems exhausting, make the job a short-term job where you can earn enough money for paying down debts. You can also do jobs at home, such as selling old clothes online or renting out a room at Airbnb.

9) Use the Power of Extra Payments

Making extra debt repayments can reduce your credit utilization ratio, which can improve your credit score. Combine this method with either the debt avalanche or snowball method mentioned earlier in this article so that your extra payments are strategic.

10) Reduce Your Spending

The average cost per month for impulse purchases was $155 and then rose to $183 a month when the pandemic occurred. This amount is about $1800-2700 annually if you pay it off. How can this be improved?

The only way to get out of debt is to cut down on your expenses. It prevents new debt from accumulating and gives you an incentive to buy something to pay down your debt. Start small by not buying too much coffee per day. For example, make coffee at home for less than $20 a week, totaling $1,000 per year. It will become easier for you to curb your spending.

11) Face the Music

If you’re trying to have unopened bills disappeared, the first step is to admit you’re wrong. It’s time to face the music and accept you need to make some changes to get your financial life back in order.

If your expenditure regularly exceeds your net income, either you must dramatically change your lifestyle (sell your home, buy a smaller apartment, take part in a second job) or declare bankruptcy. And sometimes, you might want to look at another step depending on where you are going. Start introducing money to your budget, or you may have to file for bankruptcy. However, there are ways to improve your finances before taking that step. 

12) Consider Becoming a One-Car Household

The average owner of a car spends more than $9k per year on buying and operating. If you decide that you’ll sell your second car, even taking the occasional cab may still be cheaper than owning a second car.

Plus, you could use the money you get from your car sale to help you pay off some debts, and if you have your car on a monthly loan, by selling it, you will free up more of your monthly budget!

13) Create an Emergency Fund

Immediately after paying off debt, you should start setting up the emergency fund. If you just saved 10% of your salary each month in 10 months, you would have a month’s salary saved. Think about that if you ever got into a situation where you lost your job, how beneficial it would be to have a month’s salary saved to get you back on your feet.

14) Get Out of Debt by Living Below Your Means

Trying a simpler life will help you get rid of a lot of debt as fast as possible. Living below your means enables you to save money to build your emergency savings account and helps you get out of debt, as you will be able to use any money saved to make extra debt payments.

Making frugal choices with coupons, using existing items rather than new, sticking to your list of groceries, and refraining from impulse purchases can help you get rid of debt sooner. When you live below your means, shop frugally even if your wage allows you to shop for more expensive items.

Some actions you could take to live below your means, meaning you spend less, include:

Get Rid of Your Cable

The average cost of cable is $64 a month. If you struggle to make ends meet every month and want to become debt-free, you need to cut back on not essential items.

A cable is one of those non-essential things in life. You could save money by replacing your cable subscription with an online subscription service like Netflix, which is a fraction of the cost.

Use the money saved on cable to pay over minimum payments or build up your emergency fund.

Cut Up Your Credit Cards

Make steps to stop your impulsive spending by cutting up your credit cards. This is more a preventative measure, but it will also prevent you from making any impulse purchases.

Do a Grocery Brand Swap

Swapping all of your branded groceries for non-branded (generic) groceries is an easy way to live below your means and an easy switch to make to save money.

Have a No Spend Month

Have a month where you agree not to spend anything apart from essential purchases like food shopping. This will help you get into the mindset of living below your means.

Write down at the start of the month what you are giving up. At the end of the month, compare this list which what you missed. You might be surprised that you haven’t missed out on as much as you think.

How To Get Out of Debt Fast: Bottom Line

It’s hard to get out of debt and can take years if you don’t know how to do it. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that will help you pay off your bills faster than ever before. Whether you want to pay off a student loan or are seriously in debt, the tips in the article can help you get back on the right track.

We hope these tips have been helpful, and we wish everyone the best of luck on their journey towards being free from debt!

Michael launched Your Money Geek to make personal finance fun. He has worked in personal finance for over 20 years, helping families reduce taxes, increase their income, and save for retirement. Michael is passionate about personal finance, side hustles, and all things geeky.

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2021’s List Of Online Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval: Quick Loans & Fast Money Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:07:51 +0000 Getting a loan when you are already in a bad credit position can be troublesome. It does not matter what your financial requirements for these short-term loans might entail.Going out there to seek financial help when you are under the burden of bad credit ratings will automatically put you off the eligibility criteria. Many loan […]]]>
Getting a loan when you are already in a bad credit position can be troublesome. It does not matter what your financial requirements for these short-term loans might entail.Going out there to seek financial help when you are under the burden of bad credit ratings will automatically put you off the eligibility criteria. Many loan lenders overlook the idea that no one intentionally puts them in such a critically compromising situation.

Thus, they require you to have a good credit rating to establish trustworthiness because, in the end, a loan is a loan.

But don’t worry, as we know your misery and are aware of how to ensure a loan straight to you without much hassle. With changes over time, the financial needs concerning loans have drastically evolved. As a result, people are open to providing loans to customers with bad credit ratings.

In addition, these lending companies are independent entities which makes them more flexible. Therefore, they aid you in further enhancing your bad credit ratings by sending the records of consistent repayments to national credit bureaus.

To reach a good credit score, you need to raise it to 670 on the FICO scale and 661 on VantageScale. But with a less than 670 credit score, you hit a roadblock and will not be able to gain access to any financial products.

However, you may be wondering why these lenders do not consider bad credit as an eliminating factor. Well, for them, your average income, the amount you spend on it, your daily expenses, and how you manage those expenses matter the most.

They want to ensure that you are not drowning in debt due to any malicious activity, as that will only put them under loss. This makes these companies legitimate. Many fraudulent firms ignore your reasons for taking loans and even charge high interest rates. Therefore, connecting to authentic and well-established companies is essential.

Living with poor or bad credit can drastically impact your lifestyle; it impedes you from renting apartments or making other essential purchases. We have thoroughly looked at online and offline companies that provide loans to bad credit borrowers to ease their nerves.

Below are our top picks that charge reasonable interest by keeping your situation in context while lending loans. Regardless, you can easily trust these reputable companies as they will not rip you off your cash.

How We Made This List

The internet is full of opinions that shape the way people perceive things. We understand that these opinions only serve one purpose: a positive brand image or critical judgment. In some situations, the writers reuse the information from available lists without doing any thorough research.

Regardless of the types of lists you come across, it is crucial to remember that honesty is not their only concern. People who want to sell the product will use mere puffs, exaggerations, and deception.

Now you might be wondering why you should trust us. After all, what is different about our list? We, too, are making another list to highlight the companies that offer loans for bad credit scores. Well, our goal for this is to project authenticity.

What We Looked For

  • The list is purely based on thorough research. We want to ensure that you get reliable and well-sourced information.
  • There are numerous loan lending companies, but scams are immensely high as it’s a financial matter. Therefore, it is necessary to know whom to trust.
  • We clocked around as many bad credit loan lending companies as possible. Then we filtered them through our selection criteria and selected our top five picks.
  • We check their foundation, origin, company associates, and board members.
  • After conducting a background check, we analyze their customer ratings and service providers, both online and offline.
  • Lastly, we dwell on the lists of loan lenders on board, their credibility and authenticity, and the types of loans they provide. Once our information is valuable enough, we proceed to filter and make our top picks.

By this procedure, we are able to deliver the most accurate and reliable information to your front.

Top 5 Best Online Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval:

  1. MoneyMutual – Best Overall Loan With Guaranteed Acceptance
  2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Emergency Loans
  3. CashUSA – Easiest Platform
  4. Credit Loan – Guaranteed Satisfactory Service
  5. Personal Loans – Best For Personal Loan

#1. MoneyMutual – Best Overall Loan With Guaranteed Acceptance

Brand Overview

It is not a surprise that MoneyMutual made it to the top of our list of companies that provide bad credit loans. After all, it is one of the most reputable and popular bad credit loan providers in the state. They aim to form a bridge between short-term lenders and borrowers that makes communication and transactions smoother. With its free services and connection to lenders, you get a platform that keeps your concerns in context while linking.

Since 2010, this business has been running effectively in satisfying the financial needs of over 2 million individuals across the US. With growing inflation, 4 out of 10 citizens suffer from scraping even $400 in case of an emergency. This makes it impossible to keep the credit score in a good range, which leads to complications as lenders have an incessant list of requirements with high interest rates.

However, at MoneyMutual, not only do you get free services, but you also get your work done quickly.


  • They don’t charge any fees for the services
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Funds transfer within 24 hours
  • They have over 60 money lenders
  • The site is secure
  • Simple approval process for a bad credit loan
  • The online forms take only minutes to fill


  • Not available in every state, such as New York
  • Only U.S. residents are eligible for the loans
  • The site takes no accountability for the loan agreement drafts
  • You need to prove your regular source of income to be eligible


Step One: The first thing to do is to hop on their initial website and fill out a simple form. You provide personal information such as your age, residence, and whether you earn more than $800 per month or not. If your specifications fit in with their criteria, then the company will accept your request. They even allow you to keep track of the progress on the website.

Step Two: Here, the company links you to lenders willing to give you a bad credit loan. They redirect you to the lender’s website to go through their loan agreement and terms and conditions. After that, interrogation takes place, where the parties get on mutual terms.

Once you land on the Lenders portal, MoneyMutual is out of the picture, and if your deal goes south, the blame doesn’t land on the company.

Step Three: Lastly, if you agree with the fees, terms, and interest rate set by the lender, then you have the option to finalize the deal. This allows the lender to contact you directly and proceed with the direct transfer of the funds to your account within 24 hours.

MoneyMutual allows loans up to $5000 for short-term funding with minimal credit checks.

Customer Reviews

Their massive pool of over two million online clients clearly indicates that they are doing an outstanding job of harboring a convenient shore for bad credit score holders. The customers praise the system for its transparency, hassle-free, and easy-to-use interface. They appreciate the quick money transfer that aids their emergencies swiftly.

Along with returning clients, the company also has a pool of customers reaching out via referrals. This spread of good words indicates its credibility and reputation.

In short, whoever avails their services leaves with a satisfied grin.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Emergency Loans


Brand Overview

BadCreditLoans is precisely what the name indicates, an online source providing loans to people with bad credit. If you are grappling with a bad credit score and cannot obtain loans, this website will link you with a suitable lender. But the exciting factor is that they don’t consider your bad credit ratings. This lenient option keeps this website in high demand.

They offer auto loans, business loans, student loans, mortgages, debt consolidation loans, credit card refinance, special occasions, and personal loans. In the case of an extreme emergency, they even offer immediate funds.

The company and lenders are separate entities. Therefore, BadCreditLoans exercises no control over the lenders and their services. However, they have all the relevant information on their website for guidance and assistance.


  • Easily apply just by filling in the form
  • Provide a free service
  • You can easily borrow anything between $500 and $5000
  • Allows you to select and compare different lenders
  • A single form connects you with several lenders without any hassle
  • Legitimate information about the lender is available
  • No pressure to close any deal unless you feel satisfaction
  • The company puts out ads in case no lender is available to fund


  • Lower loan amounts are for customers with poor credit score
  • There are no ratings for the Better Business Bureau yet


Flexibility: At BadCreditLoans, there is flexibility at every stage. You have the option of requesting up to $500 to $10,000 loans with interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99% APR. This variety is dependent upon the terms and conditions of the lender and your loan. Another critical factor is their repayment options, and you can make repayments for up to 36 months.

Eligibility: To be eligible, you should be over 18, with a good source of income, and proof of U.S. citizenship.

Process: To get the loan, first, you must fill out a simple form on their website. You enter personal details like your name and date of birth, the reason and amount of the loan you want to borrow, proof of your citizenship such as your social security number, and bank information. Afterward, the company links you to the lender as per your financial requirements.

The lender accesses your request, goes through the information, and then offers an agreement that fits your requirements. If the offer enlightens you, then you can accept it or else decline it. Regardless of your choice, make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions, because the last thing you want in a sensitive situation is to be overburdened.

Ultimately, if you land an agreement, the funds get transferred directly to your bank account without any hindrance in a day or two after you electronically sign the contract. As the site has advanced encryption technology, there is no need to worry about invasion.

Customer Reviews

The customers’ reviews indicate only positivity; everyone seems to appreciate how simple and easy it is to get loans with minimal credit checks. Their convenient and simple forms allow customers to never experience any difficulty or hindrance in the entire process.

People find lenders to be the most trustworthy and reliable. They offer informational support to their customers in case of a problem, which creates a sense of comfort. Which further enhances the entire experience.

The only drawback is that they require a lot of personal information.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – Easiest Platform


Brand Overview

CashUSA is a prominent online lending marketplace that connects you to a network of lenders providing bad credit loans. Their safe, secure, and reputable services are praiseworthy. If you are in dire need of immediate funds, then look nowhere other than CashUSA. They are a leading company when it comes to offering quick and convenient loans.

You have the facility to borrow up to $10,000, but the amount of the loan directly depends on your credit score. The higher the score, the better the loan. The interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99% APR. Therefore, before signing the deal, weigh your options.

One of their famous attributions is the education center. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner; everyone requires assistance. They provide you with all the necessary information about financial things such as credit score, student loans, budget setup, suitable financial advisors, and ways to increase your credit score.

So, to be precise, you can loan money and gain insightful financial information from the same platform.


  • Provide fast and free service
  • You can get a loan of up to $35,000
  • Flexible funding options
  • Make repayments in 72 months
  • Rejecting an offer is cost-free


  • Very poor credit might not get you a loan


CashUSA is convenient, intellectually nourishing, and safe to use. It works in similar ways to other websites.

Step One: You must fill out the basic form that asks for your details, such as name, email address, amount of loan you want to borrow, and so on.

Step Two: You must provide more thorough information such as your residence, phone number, monthly income, identity card, social security number, and contact information about your workplace.

Step Three: You fill out your bank details and other financial matters. Afterward, these forms are in the hands of CashUSA. They process your information and send it out to available lenders, and the interested parties contact you back. If you like their offer, then you can accept it via e-consent and get the funds within 1-2 days; otherwise, you can simply decline the offer.

Their services use encryption to ensure safety and protection.

Customer Reviews

The customers prefer the smooth application process CashUSA offers; no matter the financial loan, the services are fantastic and reasonably flexible. Many customers come back whenever they are in despair due to their reasonable interest rates and repayment options.

Their diverse spectrum of loan types makes this website the client’s favorite.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#4. Credit Loan – Guaranteed Satisfactory Service


Brand Overview

This company was launched more than 20 years ago, and since then, they have had 750,000 clients under their belt. With immense competition, they still managed to stay in the top 5 recommendations. The company is well-known for its outstanding services and easy-to-use interface.

For those who want a short-term loan with bad credit scores or even large loans, a credit loan shows impressive feasibility. They offer affordable interest rates even for those with bad credit history. They work tirelessly to make sure you are in aid while the crisis hits the water belt. Therefore, they make sure only suitable and trustworthy lenders have access to your loan requests.

The lenders and borrowers meet at a secure and stable bridge to make sure the services run smoothly. Their service providers ensure that the platform is secure and safe for productive interactions.


  • No In-person meeting
  • The company is TRUSTe verified
  • Confidentially store the information
  • Fast and free services
  • Funds are available within 24 hours


  • Only limited loans are available for up to $5000


Every company on this list follows a similar procedure in which they must fill out a form and start the process.

Early Process: You start the procedure by filling out a simple form in which you provide basic personal information such as your name, email address, zip code, and so on.

Security: The company views privacy as a crucially important factor. They encrypt the data to make sure no third party can enter the process. To further discuss their security options, TRUSTe and other firms like McAfee SECURE verify the company. This sense of security makes it a top-notch choice.

Technicalities: After you submit the form, the company sends it to the lender’s community. If any of the lenders align with your needs, then they redirect you to their website.

You can review their agreement; you can accept it and receive the loan within 24 hours if you find it reasonable. However, some problems might arise at the end of your financial institutions, which might cause delays.

Borrowers have the minimal option of obtaining a loan as low as $250 up to the heist of $5000 from lenders.

Customer Reviews

It is difficult to find negative reviews when the website is effectively running. The customers are happy with the services, and they love the easy application process and the fast transfer of funds. Even if you give a single look at the company’s official page, you will come across hundreds of affirmative reviews.

Many customers prefer this site for its secure and reliable services as no one wants a breach of invasion by a third party.

The fact that they offer loans without collateral on credit loans impresses many users. In short, it is an excellent site for those who prefer secure and simple procedures.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Credit Loan

#5. Personal Loans – Best For Personal Loan


Brand Overview

Personal Loans makes it to our top 5 list as it is one of the most prominent leading loan providing services out there. They have two separate, diverse networks of lenders to choose from. One of these networks deals with bad credit ratings, while the other caters to good credit ratings.

The interface is quick as it takes only a few minutes to connect borrowers to lenders. They work as a bridge and offer safe and secure services available at all times. When someone is available with their pool of lenders, they look for third-party sources to help you.

They give you excellent services at no cost and ensure credibility.


  • Flexible funding options
  • Loans are available at competitive rates
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Offer good-sized loans
  • Free to decline offers
  • Repayments up to 72 months


  • Cannot approve bad credit score


The process is simple, and everything takes place on their official website.

First Step: You fill out the traditional form, in which you add your personal information such as name, age, loans to borrow, and so on. Afterward, the website links you to the lender that fits your preferences. The lender sends you an invitation via which you are redirected to their website. There you can review the agreement and terms and conditions of the lender.

Second Step: Once you approve the deal, the funds are directly sent to your bank within 24 hours.

Consumers have the capacity to obtain up to $35,000, with dozens of lending partners across the country. They even allow you to compare the bad credit loan offers from different lenders to make a good choice.

Repayment: They offer flexible repayment services; you can pay back for up to 72 months. Even if you miss a repayment deadline, you can contact the lender directly and reschedule the meeting as per your financial circumstances.

Customer Reviews

The customers are happy with the services, and they find flexible bad credit loan options to help them with their financial difficulties. Their websites have all the relevant information that is readily available to customers. Their diverse platform makes it an incredible choice for users.

So, no matter what kind of loan you prefer, Personal Loan is at your service with credible reviews from other customers.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

What You Should Know When Choosing A Credit Repair Company

It is essential to ensure that you make a safe and careful decision when opting for a loan with almost no credit or a bad check. With massive scams out there, it is better to be thorough than sorry.

Hence, here is the list of factors that you should consider before choosing any loan.

Even if you find the most special loan deal, it will barely make a difference if you cannot meet their eligibility criteria. Thus, it is vital to check their bar before getting your hopes up. Many lenders demand a minimum credit score of 620 and above, set by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation).

Another point to consider is the debt-to-income ratio; this is the amount that you owe and your monthly income. Thus, keep your finances in check to avoid any hindrances. If your income is steady, a lender will likely ignore your bad credit score and lend you the loan. Also, don’t be surprised if the lenders ask for additional information such as your spending and other financial activities because this is their way of ensuring trustworthiness.

If you are still unable to meet the criteria for getting a personal loan, then look for lenders who permit you to have another signatory in between the negotiations. This will allow you to benefit from the co-signers good credit and stable income. This is a risky thread, but make sure you can pay off your co-signer on time; otherwise, you might strain the relationship.

The most crucial and foremost consideration is the interest rate while getting a loan. This comes down to your credit score; the interest will be higher if your score is lower on the FICO scale. The rate will not be exorbitant, but simply higher.

Therefore, make sure you compare the interest rates of different lenders before signing the contract. Lastly, another factor to keep in mind is that these rates are fixed and barely ever reduced, so promptly make payments.

Reading the terms and conditions on these lending sites can make a massive difference in decision-making. If you find inconvenience while paying back the initially low interest, some companies have stringent loan terms to exploit you. Therefore, make sure you are fully aware of their criteria.

Many lenders impose restrictions on how you can spend the loan money. These vary from lender to lender but are primarily based on how effectively you can make repayments. If spending a loan on a specific expense can lower your chances of repaying it, the lenders will put restrictions on it.

These charges are mostly put on those who cannot make timely repayments and bounced checks that banks return. In some cases, charges even bury those who don’t have enough funds to make prepayments.

Another thing to keep in mind is that up to 6% of the loan comprises fees. These additional factors are different for every lender. Therefore, to be safe, make sure you do your research.

FAQs On Bad Credit Loans

Q. What Is The Difference Between Unsecured And Secured Loans?

Secure loans have a collateral back up. Generally, the two most popular types of secured loans are car loans and mortgages—any financial asset you own as collateral.

However, if the payments are late, then the banks can seize your collateral as payment.

But an unsecured loan has no collateral even though it charges interest and, at times, fees.

Examples can include student loans, credit cards, or personal loans. As there is no collateral, the financial agencies only give out loans as a part of your credit score, past payment schedules, income, and spending. For this reason, unsecured loans have higher interest rates.

Q. Is There A Way To Pre-qualify For A Loan Without Damaging My Credit Score?

A simple answer is yes, you can. But make sure you have enough research under your belt before applying for a personal loan. Reading reviews, comparing several offers, and learning about the terms before signing up for any loan. Follow the following steps to avoid ruining your score once you figure out everything and are ready to apply.

Find the best rate. To avoid hard inquiries it is better to know your credit score before you send in any formal application, as many lenders will allow you to get the hang of the system with the submission of a prequalification form. Moreover, you can use lending profiles such as LendingTree to have multiple offers at the same time.

Choose the best offer. It is explicitly crucial that you select the loan with the best monthly payments and interest rates in alignment with your budget. Think in the long run whether the full-time cost of the term is worth the money or not.

Submit the formal application. Ensure you have every crucial detail on hand; your social security number, bank statements, pay stubs, and other relevant documents.

Wait for the final approval. The approval depends on the company; sometimes you get the response back in 10 minutes or 10-days. To speed up the process, apply during business hours.

Get the funds. Just as your loan reaches approval, you will have to input your bank details for the funds to be deposited into your account. Some lenders even accept requests for a paper check, and in cases of consolidation loans, you can directly wire the funds to your creditor.

Q. Can Personal Loans Build Credit?

Personal loans fall into the category of installment credit, and that can affect both your credit score and credit report. However, you can strengthen your credit mix by adding revolving credit and installments to your profile. This credit diversity is always helpful, but also an excessive burden. Many accountants state that it is basically like adding a new loan, e.g., a car loan, on top of many others. Even though it amplifies your score, it also puts you under more debt.

You should remember that having a credit mix does boost your score if you can make the payments for your loan on time. Any delayed or missed payments will only turn your good score negative on the credit report.

Even though an installment loan will not increase your score drastically, using a personal loan to pay off any credit card debt can increase your credit score. Remember that paying with a card will have a significant impact on your credit utilization rate; this is an essential factor when focusing on your credit score.

As soon as you fully pay off the cards, the goal should be to limit your spending to under 10% of the available credit. If there is no more credit card debt on hand, only then will you be able to pay your loan on time. These changes will show some noticeable improvements in your overall credit score.

Q. What Is A Bad Credit Score?

Lenders use simple measures to classify poor and good/fair credit scores.

There is a FICO score that has the following criteria:

  • Excellent score: 800 to 8504
  • Very good score: 740 to 799
  • Good score: 670 to 739
  • Fair score: 580 to 669
  • Very poor score: 300 to 579

Another measure is VantageScore:

  • Excellent score: 781 to 850
  • Good score: 661 to 780
  • Fair score: 601 to 660
  • Poor score: 500 to 600
  • Abysmal score: 300 to 499

If your scores are lower than 670 or 600, it will disqualify you from getting affordable loans. In some cases, if you are lucky, you might squeeze out a loan between 500 and 600.

Q. How Can I Get Rid Of A Poor Credit Score?

Poor credit score only takes you down the spiral; thus, it will be effective if you start adopting these practices:

Always keep your free credit score report in check; make sure you are routinely going over it. Whenever possible, pay your bills and the installments before the balance grows and review each transaction. Also, it is wise to annually get your credit report to monitor your ins and outs. You may also recheck your FICO credit score to make sure everything stays in check.

It is crucial to ensure that your activity is never suspicious because anything near the red line can cost you a complex investigation. We recommend you get wise counseling from professional advisors on safe and simple ways to build up your credit.

A good credit score will indicate that you are financially stable; this stability will attract good investment opportunities and interest rates. So, keep a check on your credit score; any wrong move might lead to a bad road.

Q. Do Unemployed Individuals Get Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are a great source of money for individuals who are formally unemployed. There is no need for you to have a steady source of income to take advantage of this opportunity. Bad credit loan lenders only accept short-term funding requests after attaining enough information about how you live, what your part-time jobs are, how you save money, and so forth. They don’t solely rely on your employment. For example, if these loans can give you some stability, these lenders move forward with the contractual documentation.

Hence, there is an option for those who are entirely stripped of cash and jobs.

Q. Is It Possible To Get A Loan Without Anyone Checking Your Credit Score?

There is a way to escape your credit history when applying for a loan. Even though it will conceal your real credit history, there will be enormous amounts of interest and fees that will take you down a dark hill.

These are the steps you can take to get a loan without giving your credit score:

  • Pawn Shops can provide you with personal loans. For this, you will have to mortgage anything you own if you fail to pay the borrowed money back, and they will confiscate the mortgage.
  • The payday loan facility provides a good amount of income for a loan, but if you fail to pay, you should be ready for heavy penalties
  • In an auto title loan, you attach your vehicle title to the lender. If you are unable to repay, then you will lose ownership of your car.


You can plan your next trip to the Bahamas or even have a destination wedding, but having a house burn down is never on your mind. Many similar tragic and unforeseeable situations can ruin your bank balance and shake up your credit score report. Thankfully, we have reliable websites such as PersonalLoans, MoneyMutual, and many more that can aid us in need.

In recent years, obtaining bad credit has become relatively convenient with straightforward procedures to follow. Our list provides you with platforms that directly form a link between you and the lenders.

We recommend MoneyMutual, whether you are familiar with this system or not. This leading company will facilitate your interests professionally and even allow you to compare interest rates per lender, making it easier to choose between the options. Lastly, these websites are safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about privacy invasion.

In conclusion, no matter what your financial ambiguity hinders, these sites are a lifesaver in such situations. They are free to use and always provide excellent service. So, next time you see yourself in financial pain, feel free and get a painkiller.

In consideration of how we voice our opinions in the modern world, we’ve closed comments on our websites. We value the opinions of our readers and we encourage you to keep the conversation going.

Please feel free to share your story tips by emailing

To share your opinion for publication, submit a letter through our website Include your name, address and daytime phone number. (We’ll only publish your name and hometown.) We reserve the right to edit letters, but if you keep yours to 300 words or less, we won’t ask you to shorten it.

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Best Small Personal Loans of September 2021 Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:07:43 +0000 Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. This post was last reviewed and updated on September 1, 2021.  The best small personal […]]]>

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

The best small personal loan lenders of September 2021

Rates are current as of 09/01/21. The highest APR that any credit union can charge on most loans is currently capped at 18% by the National Credit Union Administration

You might find yourself in a situation where you’re coming up short to cover the cost of things like moving expenses or car repairs. In that case, a small personal loan might be right for you.

With a personal loan, you apply to borrow a certain amount of money. The lender may approve your application depending on factors such as your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and ability to repay the loan. 

While some lenders offer appealingly low minimum APRs, keep in mind that to qualify for those rates, you will need to have an excellent credit score. If your credit score isn’t in the best shape, you may receive high interest rate or not be approved by some lenders.

Before you take out a small personal loan, you may want to see if you can find another option to get the money you need. You might be able to borrow money from a friend or a family member, take out a home equity loan, or in some cases, a credit card. 

If you’re looking for a good small personal loan lender, here are a few of the best places to start your search.

PFI Best Upgrade Logo Banner



Of our top picks, Upgrade offers the lowest minimum APR. Keep in mind that you’ll only qualify for this rate if you have excellent creditworthiness, so if your credit score isn’t in the best of shape, exercise caution. People with worse credit scores may end up paying an APR closer to 35.97%. 

Upgrade will charge you an origination fee between 2.90% and 8%, which will be deducted from your loan proceeds. You may also be charged a fee for late payments. However, there are no prepayment penalties with this lender. 

You can choose a loan term between two to seven years — a longer term will mean your monthly payments are small, but you’ll pay more in total interest. Once you accept your loan offer, you should get your funds as soon as the next day.

Check Rates >>

PFI Best Best Egg Logo Banner


Best Egg

Best Egg has the highest minimum credit score requirement of any lender on our list, but offers a low minimum APR for borrowers with good creditworthiness. Additionally, about half of Best Egg customers will receive their money the day after applying for the loan, so the lender could be a good option if you need money quickly. 

If you’re looking for a company with great customer service, Best Egg may be a good choice. The company boasts a 95% customer satisfaction rate, which is supported by its top-notch A+ Better Business Bureau trustworthiness score.

While there are no prepayment penalties with Best Egg, you will pay an origination fee between 0.99% and 5.99%, which is included in the APR listed above. Some of our other top picks don’t charge origination fees. Best Egg also has a lower maximum loan amount than most of the other companies on our list. 

Check Rates >>

PFI Best PenFed Credit Union Logo Banner


Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union has the shortest minimum repayment term length of any of the lenders on our list. This may be helpful if you can afford larger monthly payments and want to save on the total interest you pay. PenFed also has one of the lowest starting APRs of any of our top picks for small personal loans. 

The company’s personal loans have no origination fees and no prepayment penalties. You can apply with a co-borrower, which may help you get a better interest rate if your co-borrower has a good credit history. 

You don’t need to be a PenFed member to apply for a loan, but you’ll need to become a member to accept a loan offer. If you’ve served in the military or work at qualifying associations or organizations, you’ll qualify. If that doesn’t apply to you, you can join by opening a savings account with a $5 minimum deposit.

Check Rates >>

PFI Best First Tech Federal Credit Union Logo Banner


First Tech Federal Credit Union

You can get a loan for as little as $500 with First Tech Federal Credit Union, which is useful if you’re looking for a small amount of cash and want to avoid the high APRs that accompany payday loans. First Tech loans come with no application, origination, or annual fees, and there’s no penalty for paying off your loan early. 

If you’re looking to spread out your payments over a longer amount of time, First Tech has the longest maximum loan repayment length of any lender on our list. You can divide up your payments over seven years, which will reduce your monthly payments but will cost you more overall due to interest.

First Tech doesn’t specify its minimum credit score, so you’ll have to apply with the lender to see if you’re eligible. 

While you’ll have to join First Tech to be eligible to take out a personal loan with them, it’s relatively easy to qualify for membership. The simplest way to qualify is by joining the Financial Fitness Association for $8, though you may also be eligible if you live or work in certain parts of Oregon.

Check Rates >>

PFI Best Navy Federal Credit Union Logo Banner


Navy Federal Credit Union offers loans for as little as $250, the smallest minimum loan amount of all the lenders on our list. If you are looking for an alternative to a payday loan with lower APRs, Navy Federal’s personal loans may be for you. Keep in mind, while the lender doesn’t have a specified minimum credit score, eligibility requirements will likely be higher than with a payday lender. 

Navy Federal’s APR range depends on the repayment term length. For loans up to three years, the range is 7.49% to 18%, while for loans between 37 and 60 months, you’ll pay between 14.79% to 18%. You may find a better rate on a longer repayment term elsewhere. 

However, you’ll face relatively stringent eligibility requirements to join the credit union. You qualify if you are active military or a veteran, as well as an employee or retiree of the Department of Defense. Family members of any of the aforementioned groups are also eligible.

Check Rates >>

PFI Best Upstart Logo Banner



It may be easier to qualify for a loan with Upstart than with the other lenders on our list — the minimum credit requirement for Upstart is 600, the lowest of all of our top picks. However, if your credit score is low, you might end up paying a high APR and may want to consider an alternative to a personal loan.

Upstart’s loan repayment term options are fairly limited — you can choose between a three-year or five-year term. On the bright side, the company usually funds loans within one business day, which is useful if you need your money fast. 

Check Rates >>

PFI Best Alliant Credit Union Banner


Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union, like every other credit union on our list, has an unspecified minimum credit score. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be approved for a loan with a great rate. The lender charges no origination fees and has no late payment penalty, lowering the overall cost of your loan. 

In most cases, you can get loan approval and funding on the same day, which gives Alliant a leg up on competitors whose approval processes are slower. 

Alliant offers one of the shortest repayment terms of any lender on our list of top picks. While you’ll pay more per month with a shorter repayment term, you’ll save in the long term by paying less in total interest. 

You’ll have to be a member of Alliant to take out a personal loan with the company, but the good news is the eligibility requirements are relatively lax. The easiest way to become a member is to join Foster Care to Success, and Alliant will cover your $5 joining fee.

You can also purchase debt protection for your loan that covers death, disability, and involuntary unemployment, safeguarding you from unexpected events that could leave you unable to repay your loan. The monthly cost for debt protection per $1,000 of your outstanding loan balance is $1.99. 

Check Rates >>

Small personal loan credit score requirements

Each lender sets its own credit score requirements to qualify for a loan, though you’ll probably be eligible for a better rate with a higher score.

To get your credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus, use You can get your report for free once per week through April 20, 2022. While you won’t receive your credit score on this report, you’ll get information about your credit and payment history. While reviewing your credit report, you can spot errors and figure out where you can improve. 

You can obtain your score at no cost on your credit card statement or online account. You can also purchase it from a credit reporting agency.

Credit scores range between 300 and 850. Here’s how scores break down, according to FICO: 

  • Very poor: 300 to 579
  • Fair: 580 to 669
  • Good: 670 to 739 
  • Very good: 740 to 799 
  • Exceptional: 800 to 850

When you check your rates with a majority of companies, your credit score will not be affected because most lenders will only produce a soft credit inquiry when showing you personalized rates. On the other hand, if you choose to accept a loan, lenders will probably conduct a hard credit inquiry, which might negatively affect your credit score. A hard inquiry offers a lender a comprehensive look at your credit history.

If you aren’t eligible for a loan with the lender you’d like to get a loan from or are being offered a higher APR than you can afford with another, here are some tips you might think about to improve your credit score: 

  • Request and review a copy of your credit report. Search for any mistakes on your report that may be tanking your score. If so, reach out to the credit bureau to talk about fixing the errors.
  • Keep low credit card balances. Maintaining a credit utilization ratio — the percentage of your total credit you’re using — of 30% or less will show lenders that you can handle your credit appropriately.
  • Invent a system for paying bills on time. Your payment history makes up a substantial percentage of your credit score, and lenders prefer to see consistent and reliable past payments. Set up calendar reminders or automatic payments so you don’t fall behind.

Other personal loans we considered

  • OneMain Financial personal loans. OneMain offers loans between $1,500 and $20,000 to borrowers, but its minimum APR of 18% is much higher than the other lenders on our best picks list. Read Insider’s full review here. 
  • US Bank personal loans. While US Bank has a solid APR range of 6.49% to 16.99%, the bank has a minimum credit score of 680, which may make it inaccessible to some borrowers. 
  • Prosper personal loans. Prosper only offers two repayment term lengths to choose from, three or five years. Its minimum loan amount of $2,000 is higher than most of the other lenders on our list. 
  • Rocket Loans personal loans. Like Prosper, Rocket Loans only lets you choose a three-year or five-year repayment term length and has a minimum loan amount of $2,000.
  • LendingClub personal loans. LendingClub has a relatively high maximum APR, and only two repayment term lengths to choose from. Read Insider’s full review here.
  • Avant personal loans. Avant has a higher minimum APR than any lender on our list at 9.95%, and the minimum you can borrow from the company is $2,000. Read Insider’s full review here. 

Which lender is the most trustworthy?

We’ve only selected online personal loan lenders with no public controversies in the last three years. We’ve also compared each institution’s Better Business Bureau score.

The BBB measures businesses’ trustworthiness based on factors like their responsiveness to consumer complaints, truthfulness in advertising, and clarity about business practices. Here is each company’s score:

All of our top picks are rated A- or higher by the BBB, with the exception of First Tech Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union. The BBB gives First Tech a C grade in trustworthiness because of 22 complaints filed against the business, including two unresolved complaints.  Navy Federal Credit Union is not rates because the business is in the process of responding to previously closed complaints.

Keep in mind that a high BBB score does not guarantee a positive relationship with a lender, and that you should continue to do research and talk to others who have used the company to get the most comprehensive information possible. 

Frequently asked questions

How did we pick the best small personal loans? 

Personal Finance Insider’s mission is to help smart people make the best decisions possible with their money. With that in mind, we compared many different online personal loan lenders in detail. We looked at several factors to figure out the best small personal loan lenders, including:

  • Annual percentage rates: The lower the interest rate your loan comes with, the better. So we centered our choices on lenders who have good rates for people with fair or better credit histories.  
  • Loan term length: We searched for personal loans with a range of repayment lengths. 
  • Loan amount range: We prioritized finding lenders with small personal loan minimums, and did not put any lenders with a minimum above $2,000 on our top picks list. 
  • Minimum credit score: Depending on your credit score, you might qualify to get a loan from some lenders and may not be eligible with others. We picked lenders with a variety of minimum credit scores so you have choices no matter your credit history.
  • Trustworthiness: Borrowing from an honest lender is frequently a top priority for many people. With the exception of First Tech Federal Credit Union, we mostly chose lenders with an A- or above grade from the Better Business Bureau to provide the most transparent lenders possible. However, First Tech received a B- grade in trustworthiness from the BBB because of 32 complaints filed against the business, including one unresolved complaint.  

What’s the difference between a small personal loan and a payday loan?

People often use payday loans to bridge the gap between paydays or to cover emergency expenses, so term lengths are much shorter than personal loans.

Payday loans also come with particularly high APRs — the average interest rate on a payday loan is roughly 400% — which is over 10 times higher than the highest APR of any personal loan lender on our list. The high interest rate on payday loans could trap you in a cycle of debt quickly if you happen to miss a payment.

You can also take out smaller amounts of money with payday loans. Minimums generally start around $50, while on our list of top picks, the lowest amount you can borrow is $250.

Payday loans usually aren’t as hard to qualify for as personal loans. Many payday lenders don’t run a credit check or even ensure you’re able to repay the loan. Many states have banned payday loans due to predatory lending practices, whereas personal loans are generally accessible across the country. 

What are alternatives to small personal loans?

While personal loans can be a good option to get money quickly, there may be less expensive avenues if you only need a small amount:

  • Ask friends or family. It may be uncomfortable to ask friends or family for a loan, but you can often come to an agreement with lower interest rate payments than through an official lender. 
  • Get a paycheck advance. Certain banks will allow you to receive your paycheck a couple of days early, and you can use apps that allow you to receive a portion of money you’ve already earned in a pay period. You can also ask your employer for a paycheck advance. However, taking a paycheck advance isn’t free — you’ll often be charged fees that come out of your earnings when you receive them.  
  • Take out a credit card. You might also consider a credit card instead of a personal loan. This could be particularly helpful if your credit isn’t in the best shape and you qualify for a lower APR with a credit card than a personal loan lender. 
  • Seek assistance from a local nonprofit or charity. Many local organizations have programs aimed at short term aid for those in need. You can find a list of some near you here
  • Take up part-time work in the gig economy. You can work on your own time with gig work like rideshare and food delivery apps. These extra jobs may allow you to make enough money to negate the need for a loan. 

Why don’t many major banks offer small personal loans?

You might imagine that it would be easier to get a small amount of money than a large amount of money, but for many financial institutions, that’s not the case. It can cost just as much to service a small loan as a larger one, and many banks don’t find the low interest rates and small profit margins worth it. 

As a result, many online lenders and traditional brick-and-mortar institutions have relatively high minimum loan amounts, so they often aren’t the best option if you just need a little cash to tide you over. 

Are personal loans legitimate?

Yes, personal loans with a reputable lender are completely safe to borrow. Read reviews of the company, search for more information, and disregard offers that feel too good to be true. Look for personal loans that are backed by a Member FDIC bank or NCUA accredited credit union.

You can identify potential scams by looking out for these common signs of fraud:

  • The lender doesn’t ask about your payment history or credit score.
  • The lender’s website isn’t secured.
  • The lender guarantees approval. 
  • The lender isn’t open about fees.
  • The lender pressures you into taking out a loan immediately. 

What can I use a small personal loan for?

You can use a small personal loan for a variety of purposes, though the list varies depending on the lender. Some common reasons include: 

Every option available isn’t listed here, and you should check with your individual lender to see what choices it offers. 

How much will a small personal loan cost?

This is contingent on how much you’d like to take out, what APR you receive from your lender, and how long it takes you to pay off the loan.

The higher the loan amount and APR, the more a loan will cost you. With a longer term length, you will divide up your payments over more time so you’ll pay less per month, but it will cost you more in the long run. 

How quickly can I get my money? 

You can get your money as soon as the same day depending on the lender. Usually, a lender will send the money fairly quickly after the application is approved, but there is often no guarantee on the speed of the approval process.

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Top Lending Companies for the Unemployed – Blog Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:07:37 +0000 So, the world is returning to normal, and everyone is getting back to work, it seems. But, not everyone is, as many people are still without a job or a source of income, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. If your savings have run out or your unemployment benefits are drying up, you […]]]>

So, the world is returning to normal, and everyone is getting back to work, it seems.

But, not everyone is, as many people are still without a job or a source of income, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. If your savings have run out or your unemployment benefits are drying up, you might be worried.

As a solution, loans for those who are unemployed and/or have bad credit do exist. However, keep in mind that these loans should be used only if you desperately need money for an essential good or service (such as an auto repair, a medical expense, or a housing emergency like a leaky roof).

You should make sure you cannot collect further unemployment, apply for public assistance, or work with family and friends to borrow some money. These loans are great when you need them, but they do come with relatively high-interest rates.

If you are ready to learn about the best loans for the unemployed, keep reading.

Top Online Personal Loans Platforms for the Unemployed

Here is our list of the best online platforms to get personal loans even if you are unemployed.

  1. MoneyMutual: Best Short-Term Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best for Bad Credit
  3. CashUSA: A Loan Marketplace
  4. Personal Loans: Free Service Loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Best Short-Term Loans

MoneyMutual is a network of lenders who make short-term loans. The network consists of over 60 lenders that dole out bad credit, payday, installment, and other loans to people who need them.

You just go to the website, fill out all of the forms, and the lenders come to you in seconds. This way, you do not have to go to each site individually, or worse, go to actual payday loan offices.

This site helps you cast a big net and get loan offers quickly. They partner with short-term lenders, making the site a great place to get a fast payday loan if you need to cover essential expenses like a car repair, medical bill, or home emergency.

Rest assured, this company is legit. They were founded in 2010, and their goal is to help the everyday American come up with fast money if they need it. They wanted to make it easy on people already under a lot of stress. So, they networked all of the best lenders together and streamlined the process of getting a quick loan.

How Does It Work? 

Well, this company itself is not a loan company or a bank. It is what you might call a “go-between,” or a middleman. They take your info and pass it along to a network of lenders who then return with their offers.

It is a great way to locate a short-term loan, and since it is online, you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

Once you have selected your loan amount and lender, you will review the terms and conditions carefully. Then, you can accept the loan if you find it suitable to your needs. However, keep in mind that the interest rates, terms, and payment amounts are all determined by the lender, not MoneyMutual. We cannot stress this enough — make sure you fully understand the terms of your loan before you sign. 


Here are a few of MoneyMutual’s best features:

  • Offers short-term loans; the max loan is $5,000
  • Funds deposited in just 24 hours
  • You can compare the rates and terms of many lenders
  • Over two million satisfied customers
  • Sign-up form is easy and takes about five minutes to complete

Next, you will love the variety of loan types offered by MoneyMutual. Let us take a look at what they offer: 

These short-term loans are very common, and they are designed to help you reach your next payday, at which time you will pay it off. These are great if you have paid all of your bills, but suddenly have a surprise expense pop up, such as a car repair.

The loans offered through the MoneyMutual network usually require you to pay them off by the next paycheck, so you must provide that date when seeking a loan like this. You will also need to authorize a withdrawal from your bank account on that day to pay the loan back.

Make sure you can pay off this debt completely, as payday loans are high-interest, high-fee ventures. Therefore, ensure you do not get trapped in a debt cycle over one payday loan.

These are a lot like payday loans, except they are for situations in which you cannot use electronic payment methods to pay a debt. They have steep interest rates and huge fees for just utilizing the service.

Many of the lenders on MoneyMutual will look at your credit score, but they will also look at other factors, such as your monthly steady income, to help determine eligibility for a loan. These loans have higher interest rates but lower eligibility criteria. However, some lenders may not qualify you if you are unemployed, as some require proof of monthly income before they approve you.

Installment loans are to be paid back over a series of scheduled payments. They are good if you have a steady income and can pay them back on time, every time. Just make sure you read the terms carefully, as you might end up having to make a few interest payments based upon the repayment dates of the loan.


  • Many educational resources available on their site
  • Funding by the next business day
  • Loan offers available in minutes
  • Simple and fast approval process
  • No fee to use the service


  • Some loan servicers may not be available in your state
  • Loans may have high-interest rates

Customer Experience 

There are a wealth of reviews provided by those who have used MoneyMutual’s service, and they were overwhelmingly positive. Customers raved about the top-notch customer service provided by the platform, saying they handled all of their questions and guided them through the entire process. Users also praised the flexibility offered by the lenders in MoneyMutual’s network, as they allowed them to make small payments.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Best for Bad Credit

The tagline of BadCreditLoans is, “We help when others can’t.” This is encouraging to the many people who need a bit of financial help but may not know where to turn. It is designed for those of us out there who have poor credit, and it gives us the ability to attain small loans that we can easily repay and use to rebuild our credit.

You could use these loans for a myriad of purposes; but, of course, we only recommend using them for things you desperately need, such as auto or home repairs or medical expenses.

Like MoneyMutual, this is a lending marketplace. The loans do not come directly from BadCreditLoans; but rather, you are connected to an extensive network of lenders who send you loan offers to consider. All you have to do is complete one single application to get these offers.

As you may already know, you should approach these loans with caution. After all, you will be paying higher interest rates and fees for relatively low loan amounts. With that being said, they are the best around for those of us that need help but do not have great credit.

One thing we love about BadCreditLoans is that it has been around since 1998. With over 20 years in the business, we know they are legit. They have traditional lenders as well as tribal lenders for your consideration. In a nutshell, tribal lending involves loans made by Native American loan companies, who operate on tribal land and follow tribal laws instead of federal laws.

Your best bet is to read over the loan terms carefully before you agree to anything to ensure you can pay it back on time and avoid any late fees.


BadCreditLoans has plenty of great features, which are highlighted below.

  • Loans available from $500 to $10,000
  • Form is easy, and funding is fast
  • Funds transferred to your bank account by the next day
  • You can compare rates from all available lenders, which is very convenient

If you are new to the world of loans, start by reading articles on the BadCreditLoans website. They will discuss the different types of loans available, such as student loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, and business loans.

They also have interesting articles about loan scams, which are truly worth the read, especially since such criminals target people with bad credit. In addition to their efforts to educate borrowers, we were also impressed by their contact info displayed prominently on their website to call anytime.

  • Options for Personal Loans

Personal loans are the main service BadCreditLoans offers. This is, simultaneously, a good and a bad thing. For example, one good thing is that you do not have to put up collateral as you do with a mortgage or an auto loan. Meanwhile, the bad thing is that fees and interest rates will be higher, because there is no collateral.

As mentioned before, these loans can be used for anything, but make sure it is something you need to avoid unnecessary debt. Our research found that anyone with a FICO score of less than 500 would not be given a loan higher than $1,000.

It is relatively easy to meet the basic qualifications for a loan with BadCreditLoans. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid email address
  • Provide phone numbers for work and home
  • Have a bank account in your name
  • Have a regular income, whether it is social security, unemployment, self-employment, full-time employment, or disability payments
  • Have proof of being a U.S. Citizen, such as a legal residency or social security number

Moreover, the questionnaire to see the available lenders is three pages long in total, but is not difficult or overly time-consuming.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The customer service representatives of BadCreditLoans are helpful and prompt. However, bear in mind that while you can ask questions about the site itself, any queries you have about your loan have to be posed to that particular lender.

  • Just Four Steps to Get Your Money

Step one is to fill out the request form indicating you are interested in a loan. You will share your credit score, loan reason, and birthdate, along with banking, employment, and contact info. Step two is to review any offers you may have received. Make sure to read the contract carefully.

Step three is to accept your loan and apply an e-signature to indicate you understand the terms of the loan and agree to pay it back. Finally, step four is to get your money in as little as one business day and use it for whatever purpose.


  • Compare multiple lenders at once — competitive interest rates
  • Free service
  • Customer service is easy to contact
  • Offers services to help improve credit score
  • Allows bad credit holders to get quick funds


  • Loans tend to be rather small, especially if you have very poor credit
  • Your information will be sent to many lenders, which could result in marketing calls or emails
  • Interest rates tend to be high for these types of loans

Customer Experience

Many customers have left positive reviews for BadCreditLoans. Some of the features users have highlighted are the helpful customer service agents, the quick loan approval, and the simple application process. Moreover, users loved that they easily and quickly received a loan, despite having bad credit.

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#3. CashUSA: A Loan Marketplace

This is what we call a “loan marketplace” — another term for a network of lenders working together to bring interested borrowers their options. Like MoneyMutual, you can think of this as a “middleman,” as they bring all of the offers to you directly and let you choose which one is suitable for your needs.

You simply submit one application at CashUSA, and they handle the rest. Then, lenders come to you in minutes with offers based on the information you provided.

In our research, we learned the lenders of CashUSA do not perform credit checks on borrowers. This is good news if you have bad credit; however, you will be paying greater interest charges and service fees if you get a loan with this organization.

At a minimum, loans are $500, and the maximum loan amount is $10,000. Additionally, interest begins at a rate of 5.99% and ends at 35.99%.

It is important to keep in mind that CashUSA does not service or finance the loans you are offered. As a result, if you have any questions about your loan or its terms, you will have to contact the lender for more information.


CashUSA has many great features, including:

  • Loans range in value from $500 to $10,000
  • Approval in a matter of minutes
  • Funds transferred directly to your bank account
  • Loans may be used for any reason
  • Good, bad, or no credit accepted
  • Multiple Lenders Available

Part of the reason we love CashUSA is that it is easy to view all of your options. You can cast a wide net and see what lenders are willing to loan you. This is far better than having to call up several different lenders for assistance. Plus, they will only send you lenders who are available in your state.

You will have to fill out a quick form before applying for funding with CashUSA. This form is easy and asks for basic info, such as the last four digits of your SSN, birth year, and zip code. Then, you will click on the “Get Started” button, and this will take you to the full form. Here, you will enter more info, such as the loan amount, your email, and your military status.

After that, you will share the name of your employer, your driver’s license number, bank info, and sources of income. Once you click “Submit”, you will quickly receive offers from lenders. Once you find a loan you like, you will click on it and review the contract page for that specific lender.

You will review the terms, rates, and the amount of the loan. If you decide to go for it, you will have to provide some more specific information based on what that lender requires. Then, once you are approved, your funds will reach you in about one business day.

You will not pay a single penny for simply comparing loan offers and rates using CashUSA. It is like looking through a catalog and comparison shopping for a loan. You have access to an extensive lending network without having to pay anything.

However, when it comes to your loan, any fees and rates you must pay are determined by the lender. Likewise, the terms of repayment, such as the interest rate, amount to be paid, and length of repayment, will be determined by your specific lender and your creditworthiness.

  • They Qualify (Nearly) Everyone

With so many lenders in the CashUSA network, you are sure to get approved for a loan somewhere. However, you do have to meet basic eligibility requirements. What are these requirements, you may ask? 

Let us review:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a checking account in your name
  • Must be a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S.
  • Must have a phone number and email address
  • Must have at least $1,000 monthly in income
  • You Can Use Your Loan for Just About Anything

While this is a huge perk, we want to stress how important it is that you are taking out loans for things you truly need. Before applying for a loan, you should have exhausted all other options, such as personal savings, help from friends and family, working extra jobs to come up with quick cash, unemployment, or public assistance payments.

We recommend using the loans offered here for housing, medical, or transportation needs.

With that being said, you can use your loans for moving expenses, going on a vacation, wedding costs, buying furniture, or anything else you can think of. It is a great choice if you need money for something banks typically do not finance.

You can easily repay your loan using the lender’s automatic withdrawal method. You will enter your bank account information so the funds can be deposited. This can also be used for autopay, as you can simply have loan payments withdrawn from your account every month automatically. This way, you will never miss a payment, and your loan will be paid on time.


  • No minimum credit score needed to qualify
  • Service is free to use
  • Convenient, safe, and secure platform


  • A minimum income of $1,000 a month is required
  • Interest rates can be very high

Customer Experience

Customers have expressed their appreciation for the services provided by CashUSA in their reviews. They have praised the customer service representatives for being friendly, understanding, helpful, and readily available. Users also love the quick application, approval, and funding processes, along with the low-interest rates.

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#4. Personal Loans: Free Service Loans

Similar to the other loan companies featured in this article, Personal Loans is a network devoted to matching interested borrowers with lenders.

They started in 2017 and are headed in Utah. They do not lend money directly; rather, you can enter your info and compare rates and terms of loans from many lenders.

In our research, this is a company that only provides loans to people who have fair to excellent credit scores. However, they do not appear to offer loans to those with poor credit.

You must also have no accounts over 60 days late, no active or recent bankruptcies, and no patterns of late payments.


Personal Loans has many features that make it stand out, including:

  • Loans from $1,000 to $35,000 offered
  • Rapid approval process
  • Funding within one business day
  • Multi-purpose loans offered

It is good to know that if you would like to use Personal Loans, you can do so without fear of an upfront cost, a hidden fee, or an obligation to pay anything.

With so many lenders in the network, you are sure to find a loan that has a good interest rate.

Whether you would like to start a business, take a vacation, cover an emergency expense, or make a home improvement, these loans can help you.

You can get your money as soon as the next business day if you are approved for a personal loan.

One great thing about Personal Loans is the amount of helpful information they have on their website. Before you do anything else, it would be beneficial to read these articles, so you are a more informed consumer. You can read about bad credit, debt consolidation, and tax loans, to name a few. While it might not have anything to do with your situation, these articles are full of knowledge.

  • Excellent Customer Service 

If you have questions or concerns about the site itself, feel free to contact the staff via phone or email. You can contact them Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time. Just keep in mind they cannot answer questions about your loan, as you would have to contact your lender for that. However, they can help if you have questions about the site and its services.

The requirements for getting a loan are pretty straightforward with Personal Loans. Borrowers must meet the following criteria.

  • Income: You have to have full-time employment, receive regular Social Security or disability payments, or be self-employed. You may have to send a pay stub or proof of income to the lender you choose.
  • Residency/Age/ID: You have to be at least 18 years old, have a valid SSN, and be a permanent resident or legal U.S. citizen.
  • Checking Account: You must have a valid checking account so your money can be deposited once you have been approved.
  • Credit Requirements: Good credit is more likely to get you a loan as compared to poor credit. You must have no accounts more than 60 days old, no recently charged-off accounts, and no active or recent bankruptcies.
  • Different Loans Available

Here are the loan types that Personal Loans offers: 

  • Peer-to-Peer Loans: Borrowers and investors are connected using this method of lending. You borrow from an actual person, not a bank. The lender or investor you will be borrowing from reviews what you are using the money for and decides whether or not it is worth the loan. Loans range from $1,000 to $35,000 with peer-to-peer loans, and origination fees can range from 1% to 5%.
  • Personal Installment Loans: With these loans, you can get a loan ranging from $1,000 to $35,000. You will enter basic personal information and financial info and then review the offers available to you. The lender or lending partner will offer you a loan agreement that is best suited to your financial needs. Once the loan agreement has been accepted, your money will go right into your bank account. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the loan terms before accepting any offers.
  • Bank Personal Loan: You must have at least a credit score of 580 to get this type of loan, and this is a service for people who would like a loan from a local financial institution. You may be able to complete this request online and get your money that way, or you might have to complete the loan application process in person. If you go in person, it is a great way to have the terms and conditions explained to you.


  • Extensive network of lenders available
  • Loan amounts up to $35,000
  • Banks and credit unions are part of the network, which can help you get a loan with more competitive rates
  • Geared toward those with good to excellent credit
  • Free to use service
  • Loan terms go from 3 to 72 months


  • Not ideal for people with poor credit

Customer Experience 

There are many features of Personal Loans that customers who have used this service have loved. A constant praise that is seen throughout multiple reviews was the affordable and reasonable APR provided by the lenders in Personal Loans’ network. Moreover, users have said they trust this service and rely on it to be safe and secure. The transparency provided in the terms and conditions have been a positive note among customers as well. Overall, people appreciated the rapid application process and how quickly they received their funds in their account.

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Buying Guide: Loans for the Unemployed

Here are some guidelines to follow as you apply for a personal loan. This guide is perfect if you are new to personal loans and not sure what to look for.

Interest rates are not like the rates of other popular loans. Auto loans can be low, depending on one’s credit, or even 0% for very highly qualified buyers. Mortgage rates are dependent on that day’s rate and the buyer’s credit score. But, even if you have excellent credit and apply for a personal loan, you can expect a higher interest rate.

The reason is that unlike a car or a house, you do not have anything to give back if you fail to repay the loan. An auto can be repossessed, and a home can be foreclosed upon, but a loan you took out for a vacation or an expense is different. Thus, the high risk means high-interest rates.

Unlike a car or a mortgage, the term for the average personal loan is about seven years and under. This is good because you should not be borrowing money for longer than necessary; however, you need to be prepared to pay this loan off relatively quickly. So, make sure the terms you agree to are something you can afford to pay on time, every time.

Personal loans can be a lifesaver when unexpected things happen. The roof begins to leak, the engine on your auto blows, or you have to fly out to help a family member in trouble. Most are quick to pull out the credit card when something like this happens, or worse, hit up a payday lender.

The latter is considered predatory, and the interest rates are alarmingly high and could leave you in a cycle of debt for longer than you would like. However, they are attractive because they get you money fast.

Personal loans through any of the sites we outlined above can get you funds in 24 hours or less on a regular business day. So, if you need cash fast, a personal loan is a legitimate way to get that money.

Maybe you are looking into personal loans because you would like to use them to pay off your student loans and take advantage of the lower interest rate. But, before you do that, consider the terms of your current student loan and your prospective loan first.

You may end up losing some of the benefits associated with your student loans, such as income-based payments or benefits for being in a certain field, such as the military, public service, or healthcare. So, make sure to think it over carefully before you borrow.

  • Understand Extras and Fees

Some lenders may attempt to upsell you on various products and services. For example, they may recommend an insurance policy on a loan if you pass away before it is repaid, so your family is not stuck footing the bill.

It is completely up to you if you want something like that on your loan, but do not fall for the lender telling you that it is necessary. If they insist you take it, decline the loan, and look elsewhere.

  • Get It for the Right Reasons

Are you getting a personal loan for something that is not critically needed in life? For example, a vacation or an engagement ring? If so, we strongly advise backing away from the loan and seeking out other methods of getting what you want. It is not a good idea to take out a loan for a vacation, as after the fun is over, you are saddled with hundreds or even thousands to pay back.

And, for the engagement ring, we do not advise beginning a new chapter of life with a massive debt load.

It is also not a great idea to use a personal loan as the down payment for a home. The mortgage lender is not going to like seeing you funding your down payment with borrowed money, and it could also adversely affect your ability to get the mortgage at all.

FAQs: Loans for the Unemployed

Here are the most commonly asked questions by our readers when it comes to personal loans:

Q1. How Does One Qualify to Get a Personal Loan While Unemployed?

There is no collateral required to qualify for a personal loan, so it is going to be largely determined by your income, credit score, credit history, credit report, and your debt. Every lender will vary, but they are usually looking for people with credit scores of 600 and up. Of course, you can find lenders willing to go lower. You will just have to see which loans you qualify for using the websites outlined above.

Q2. Could Getting Prequalified for a Personal Loan Impact My Credit Score?

Usually, no. When you are going for prequalification, it is typically a soft pull. A soft pull does not affect your credit score, but you still get the chance to see what lenders can offer you.

 Q3. What Is a Personal Line of Credit?

A personal line of credit allows you to borrow money, repay the amount, and then borrow again for a set period of time. It can be used when you are not too sure about the amount of money required and you need to have a buffer. Moreover, it is a useful type of loan if you are unemployed. However, a personal line of credit can accrue interest, and you will be expected to pay those charges as well.

Q4. Can You Pay the Loan Back Early? Are There Penalties?

This will largely depend on the lender itself, so make sure you read over those terms carefully before agreeing. Some lenders will charge you a fee, while others will not.

Q4. Why Are the Interest Rates on a Personal Loan Much Higher Than a Mortgage or Auto Loan?

The item itself backs a secured loan given for an auto or a home. Therefore, should you default on the loan, the home will be foreclosed upon, or the auto repossessed. This is not the case for a personal loan, so the risk the lender takes loaning you that money is much higher. Thus, the interest rate reflects that.

Q6. What Is an Origination Fee?

This is the cost of processing a loan, and it will vary depending on the lender you go with. Some lenders do not charge such a fee but will raise the interest rate as a means of making up the cost of processing your loan.

Conclusion: Can I Get a Personal Loan If I Am Unemployed?

We hope this article has been helpful for you in your search for a personal loan. Ultimately, you should only borrow for things you need, and do not take out more than you can comfortably repay.

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15 of the best personal loans for bad credit Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:06:37 +0000 Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, referred to as “Credible” below, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we do promote products from our partner lenders who compensate us for our services, all opinions are our own. A personal loan may be more […]]]>

Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, referred to as “Credible” below, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we do promote products from our partner lenders who compensate us for our services, all opinions are our own.

A personal loan may be more expensive when you have bad credit. Shopping around could help you get the best possible deal. (iStock)

Bad credit can make it harder to get a personal loan. And you’ll almost certainly pay more for it than someone with an excellent credit score would.

Still, if you need cash urgently, a personal loan can be a good idea for someone with bad credit because it’s likely to cost less than other options you might consider, like a payday loan or title loan. And repaying your personal loan could actually help improve your credit, since payment history directly affects credit scores.

Here’s what you need to know about personal loans for bad credit, where to find them, and how they work.

Lenders to consider for best personal loans for bad credit

It’s probably safe to say that most lenders prefer borrowers with higher credit scores because they expect those borrowers to be more likely to repay their loans as agreed. To ensure they attract these borrowers, some personal loan lenders set their minimum credit score requirements fairly high. Or, they may have minimum loan amounts that far exceed what you need.

Whether you’re looking for a personal loan for debt consolidation, to cover an unexpected expense, or to make a big-ticket purchase, the following Credible partner lenders offer loans to people with credit scores that fall below what’s considered a “good” FICO score —  670 to739.


With a very low minimum score requirement, Avant may be a good choice for many borrowers with poor credit.

Minimum score: 550

Loan term: Two to five years

Loan amount: $2,000 to $35,000

Good for: People with significant credit issues

Best Egg

About half of people who borrow from Best Egg have money in their bank account by the next day.

Minimum score: 600

Loan term: Three to five years

Loan amount: $2,000 to $35,000

Good for: People who need funds quickly

You can compare personal loan rates and learn more about multiple lenders through Credible.


Discover allows you to return the amount you borrow within 30 days and pay no interest — making it great if you aren’t sure you need a loan or will get a windfall soon.

Minimum score: 660

Loan term: Three, four, five, six, or seven years

Loan amount: $2,500 to $35,000

Good for: Borrowers who aren’t certain they need to borrow or can pay back quickly


FreedomPlus offers lower rates for people who use the majority of their loan to pay off their current debts.

Minimum score: Not disclosed

Loan term: Two to five years

Loan amount: Up to $35,000

Good for: People who are paying off debt


Depending on your financial circumstances, you might get multiple rate and term offers from LendingClub’s investors.

Minimum score: 600

Loan term: Three or five years

Loan amount: Up to $40,000

Good for: Borrowers who want flexibility in monthly payments


Once you submit your application, LendingPoint will give you a decision in seconds on whether you’ll get a loan.

Minimum score: 580

Loan term: Two to five years

Loan amount: $2,000 to $36,500

Good for: Borrowers who need a quick decision


With loans of up to $100,000, LightStream can be a great option if you need a larger loan and more time to pay it back.

Minimum score: 660

Loan term: Two to 12 years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000

Good for: Borrowers who need more time to pay back their loan


Marcus by Goldman Sachs

With a Marcus loan, you can earn the ability to defer a month’s payment after 12 on-time payments, which can really help if you’re in a pinch one month (note that you’ll still pay interest during this month).

Minimum score: 660

Loan term: Three to six years

Loan amount: $3,500 to $40,000

Good for: Borrowers who would like to defer a payment once a year

OneMain Financial

With no set minimum credit score required, OneMain could be a good option if you’re looking to establish a credit history.

Minimum score: None

Loan term: Two, three, four, or five years

Loan amount: $1,500 to $20,000

Good for: Borrowers with poor or no credit


Payoff focuses primarily on helping you pay down credit card debt, and offers experts to talk you through the process.

Minimum score: 640

Loan term: Two to five years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $40,000

Good for: People paying off credit card debt


PenFed’s minimum personal loan of $600 is one of the lowest on the market.

Minimum score: 670

Loan term: One to five years

Loan amount: $600 to $35,000

Good for: Borrowers who need a small loan


Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending platform where investors can choose individual loans to fund. The lender specializes in special cases like adoption loans, engagement ring financing, and green energy home improvement loans.

Minimum score: 640

Loan term: Three or five years

Loan amount: $2,000 to $40,000

Good for: People with a specific financial need


If you lose your job, SoFi may offer you forbearance on your personal loan until you get back on your feet — and even help you get a new job.

Minimum score: Not disclosed

Loan term: Two to seven years

Loan amount: $5,000 to $100,000

Good for: Borrowers who need large loans


With a minimum of $1,000, people who need a relatively small loan may choose Upgrade.

Minimum score: 580

Loan term: Two to seven years

Loan amount: $1,000 to $50,000

Good for: Borrowers who need relatively small loans


When making loan decisions, Upstart looks at your education and job history as well — not just your credit score.

Minimum score: 580

Loan term: Three or five years

Loan amount: $1,000 to $50,000

Good for: Borrowers with a non-traditional credit history

The following lender is not a Credible partner lender, but may be worth considering for a personal loan with bad credit.


Peerform is a marketplace lending platform, and could be a good option if you meet debt-to-income ratio requirements, at least one open bank account and meet other requirements.

Minimum score: 600

Loan term: Three or five years

Loan amount: $4,000 to $25,000

Good for: People with a solid income


Credible evaluates personal loan lenders based on minimum fixed rate, term length, fees, discounts, customer experience, time to fund, maximum loan amount and other factors, including — for this article —  minimum required credit scores.

What is a bad credit personal loan?

Personal loans are fixed-rate loans available from a wide variety of lenders that you can use for things like unexpected expenses, home repairs, or to consolidate credit card debt. A bad credit personal loan is simply a personal loan tailored to someone with a poor credit score. It might have higher rates than other loans on the market, but it can still be a valuable financial tool.

Personal loans are usually unsecured, meaning you don’t risk losing your home or car when you take out a personal loan. There are also secured personal loans that use collateral such as a savings account, stocks, or a vehicle to secure the loan. Because they’re secured, these loans may have lower annual percentage rates, or allow larger loan amounts. But if you aren’t able to repay the loan, you risk losing your collateral.

What’s a bad credit score?

Your credit score can range from 300 to 850, with higher scores being better. Good credit generally refers to a score of 700 or higher, with scores above 750 being excellent. A bad credit score is one of around 640 or below.

When determining your credit score, credit ratings agencies will look at:

  • How reliable you are in paying bills on time
  • Your total debt
  • How many financial accounts you have and what type
  • How long your accounts have been open
  • Applications for new loans
  • Any bankruptcies, foreclosures, or debt sent to collection


Why is a credit score important?

The interest rate and loan terms you’re offered generally depend on your credit score — the better your score, the better the interest rate you’ll be able to get. Some lenders set a limit on the minimum credit score a person can have and be approved for a loan. That’s because lenders use credit scores to judge how likely it is that someone will pay back their loan.

But you’re not out of luck with a bad credit score. There are plenty of bad credit personal loans on the market geared toward people with poor credit scores.

To see personal loan lenders and their minimum credit score requirements, visit Credible.

How much will a personal loan for bad credit cost?

Lenders make money on personal loans through the interest rates and fees they charge. The best personal loans for people with good or excellent credit will have low interest rates and no fees. Personal loans for bad credit will typically have much higher interest rates and can have significant fees.

Bad credit personal loan rates

Most personal loan lenders will quote a range of APRs for their loans, with people with the best credit scores qualifying for the lowest rates, and those on the lower end of the credit spectrum getting the higher rates. These different rates can translate into wildly different costs over the life of the loan.

Here’s an example of two scenarios, possibly even from the same lender. The rates used in the example are drawn from Credible’s average minimum rates for different credit bands.

Good credit personal loan

Loan amount: $15,000

Loan term: 5 years

APR: 14%

Monthly payment: $349

Total interest charges: $5,941

Total repayment amount: $20,941

Bad credit personal loan

Loan amount: $15,000

Loan term: 5 years

APR: 27%

Monthly payment: $458

Total interest charges: $12,481

Total repayment amount: $27,481

Even though they’re borrowing the same amount and have the same amount of time to repay the loan, the person with poor credit will pay more than twice the total interest than the one with good credit will pay.

Bad credit personal loan fees

Many personal loans come with fees, though you’ll find some lenders who advertise that they don’t charge them. Some lenders will waive some fees for borrowers with good credit, meaning that only people with bad credit will pay the fees.

The most common fees you’ll see with a personal loan include:

  • Application fees: This is a fee charged to apply for a loan, regardless of whether you accept it.
  • Late payment fee: This fee is assessed if a monthly payment is made past the deadline and any grace period.
  • Origination fee: These are generally charged as a percentage of the loan amount, as much as 8% or more. It’s often deducted from the amount you receive from the loan.
  • Prepayment penalty: This is a fee for paying off your loan early, or paying more than the standard payment.

The pros and cons of personal loans for bad credit

Just like any financial product, personal loans come with advantages and disadvantages. This is especially true for personal loans for bad credit. As you’re shopping around for a personal loan, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits before committing to a loan.

Pros of personal loans for bad credit

  • Single, fixed monthly payment: Personal loans typically have fixed interest rates, meaning your monthly payment will remain the same for as long as you have the loan. You can also use a personal loan to pay off credit cards and other high-interest debt, leaving you with a single payment.
  • Lower interest rates: When compared with credit cards, payday loans, or some other loans you might consider, a personal loan often has a lower interest rate.
  • Lower risk: Unsecured personal loans don’t put your home or other collateral at risk if you have trouble making payments. Other loans, like home equity loans or a home equity line of credit, do come with the risk of foreclosure if you fall behind on your payments.

Cons of personal loans for bad credit

  • Hard to qualify for: It can be harder to find a lender who will offer a personal loan to someone with bad credit. Fewer options can mean higher costs.
  • Higher interest costs: Personal loans tend to have higher interest rates than secured loans, like home equity loans or HELOCs. Plus, you’ll pay even higher rates if you have bad credit.
  • High fees: Personal loans for bad credit tend to come with higher fees than loans for people with good credit. This can eat into the amount of money you actually receive on your loan.

How to compare bad credit personal loans and lenders

Different lenders can offer very different loan terms, and you might even get different offers from the same lender. When comparing personal loan offers, be sure to keep these points in mind.

  • APR: Also known as the annual percentage rate, this number includes the interest rate and any fees charged on the loan. The APR gives you a better idea of just how much a loan costs. Using it, rather than the interest rate, makes it easier to do an apples-to-apples comparison of two different loans.
  • Fees: Pay close attention to see if the lender charges an origination fee, which is often deducted from the total loan amount you receive. Also ask about other fees, like late charges.
  • Repayment terms: These can be as short as one year and as long as 12. Longer terms mean smaller monthly payments, but you’ll pay more interest long term.

How can I get a bad credit personal loan?

If you’ve weighed the options and think a personal loan is right for you, here’s how to get one.

  • Check your credit score: Knowing your score ahead of time can help you understand the costs you’re likely to face, and give you time to correct any errors on your credit report before applying for a new loan. Under the law, you’re owed a free copy of your credit report every year from each of the major credit bureaus. You can use a site like to get a copy of your reports.
  • Shop around: Many lenders have basic information on their websites about the rates and terms they offer and who may qualify.
  • Prequalify: When you’ve found a few lenders that might be a good fit, go ahead and request a rate quote. You’ll give the lender a little bit of information about yourself, including your Social Security number. Most lenders will allow you to prequalify and check the rates you’d be offered using only a soft pull on your credit, meaning your credit score won’t be affected.
  • Apply: Once you’ve found the quote that works best for you, it’s time to formally apply for the loan. You’ll need to submit more information to the lender, which they’ll use to make a final decision on your loan.
  • Accept your loan: If approved for the loan, you may be able to access the money within a day or two. The money can often be deposited directly into your bank account.

Alternatives to personal loans for bad credit

Personal loans aren’t the only option if you find yourself needing cash fast. Here are a few others you might consider.

  • Borrowing from family or friends: They won’t usually charge you fees, but failing to pay back a friend or family member can strain your relationships.
  • Peer-to-peer lending: With peer-to-peer lending sites, people looking to borrow money are matched up with investors willing to help crowdfund loans. Their criteria may vary and be different from a standard personal loan lender.
  • Balance transfer cards: These cards usually have a 0% or low interest rate for a certain period of time. But it may be difficult to qualify for one with a poor credit score.
  • Home equity loan: If you own your home, you may qualify for these loans. They allow you to borrow against the equity in your property, or the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and what the home is worth. Their interest rates are lower, but be aware, they do involve the risk of foreclosure if you fail to make your payment.

There are other options you should avoid. These include payday loans, which are short-term cash advances with extremely high interest rates that can easily drive you deeper and deeper into debt.

You can see your prequalified rates in two minutes and check rates from multiple lenders at Credible.

Working on your credit to get a better personal loan deal

A good credit score can make it easier to get a personal loan with a good rate and terms. Improving your score before applying for a personal loan could save you money in the long run.

Start by requesting your credit report, and then scour it to make sure all the information is accurate. Sometimes, incorrect account information can be listed on your report, drawing down your score. You can contest incorrect information, and the credit bureau will need to investigate the matter.

Other strategies for improving your credit score include:

  • Paying down credit card debt
  • Paying all your bills on time, every time
  • Avoiding taking on new debt

Prequalifying for a personal loan can help you get a feel for what interest rate you qualify for and how big a loan you’re likely to get. If you’re denied for a loan, the lender may be able to give you areas of your finances you can improve before applying again.

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Best Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval In 2021 Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:06:29 +0000 The average loan offered by most lenders is for borrowers with fantastic credit scores. For that reason, people with bad credit scores often find it very hard to access these types of loans. But the good news is, there is now a way for less financially-savvy individuals – who can’t manage their credit score to […]]]>

The average loan offered by most lenders is for borrowers with fantastic credit scores. For that reason, people with bad credit scores often find it very hard to access these types of loans. But the good news is, there is now a way for less financially-savvy individuals – who can’t manage their credit score to save their lives – to acquire a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval.

We all continue to find ourselves in one fix or another. And during such times, we require quick cash to bail ourselves out. For those with a good credit score, this is easy to do as there are loads of lenders out there willing to offer them personal loans for a price. However, when it comes to those with bad credit, finding a lender is never easy.

In this article, therefore, we decided to help out our readers by reviewing the top bad credit loan providers and exploring the easiest ways to acquire such a loan regardless of your credit score!

Top 3 Bad Credit Loan Providers

If you have not been able to improve your credit score but require a personal loan to take care of pressing needs for one reason or the other, you are in luck. Bad Credit Loans are loans issued to people with poor credit.

With a growing population of people battling with bad credit, this is created an opportunity for bad credit loan online companies. In subsequent sections, we will review the bad credit loans offered by:

1. MoneyMutual Bad Credit Loans

MoneyMutual is an online loan company that offers bad credit loans to borrowers who would otherwise not get loan opportunities from other lenders. This loan company has an extended credit rating threshold for borrowers with poor credit scores, and they offer different types of Loans. Here are their bad credit loan categories.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are special loans issued to salary earners. They are called payday loans because lenders expect them to repay the loan on their next payday. The terms of MoneyMutual’s payday loans vary depending on so many factors.

Installment Loan with Bad Credit

This is another type of Bad Credit Loan offered by MoneyMutual lenders. People with very bad credit and who cannot afford to service a payday loan with their next paycheck can opt for this loan. This option has a longer repayment tenure, so borrowers can pay back over several months. However, note that the repayment plan varies from one MoneyMutual lender to the next.

No Fax Bad Credit Loan

This option is not different from the other loans discussed this far. It gets its name from the fact that it is easy to apply for, and loan disbursement is fast without the use of fax machines.

Short term loans for bad credit

Short-term loans are for emergency purposes. Borrowers with bad credit can access this loan facility to clear short-term responsibilities. In addition, the loan tenure for this loan is much longer, so you can spread your repayment across several installments.

Cash Advances

Cash Advances are small loan amounts issued at short notice, and they attract lower interest rates compared to the other loan options offered by MoneyMutual lenders.

MoneyMutual Lending Process

If you want to borrow a bad credit loan from MoneyMutual, these are the steps to take:

  • Log onto and submit your details for a lender to review
  • A lender will forward you an offer for your perusal and acceptance
  • You grant approval to the lender to retrieve the loan and interest from your bank account at a set date and time (usually on your payday)
  • You receive the funds from the lender within the next 24 hours after contract details are agreed

Once you fill out your details on the platform and submit, your document will be submitted to MoneyMutual partners, who will contact you within a short time. You will be redirected to their website to complete the registration process.

Borrowers in the US looking for guaranteed bad credit loans can use MoneyMutual to connect with interested lenders. The process is fast and convenient, and your privacy is guaranteed.

Loan Requirements

The loan requirements vary depending on the lender interested in offering you the loan. MoneyMutual does not issue loans directly to borrowers but is only a conduit for such loans. Therefore, terms and conditions are dictated by lenders only, but you are at liberty to reject a term that is unfavorable to you. However, here are some general requirements that most lenders will demand before they lend out money.

  • You must be a US citizen and at least 18 years old
  • Earn at least $800 monthly with a verifiable income source
  • Own a checking account
  • Personal requirements by the lender

Benefits of using MoneyMutual

You may have suffered a bounced check, declared bankruptcy, or defaulted on your payment, but it doesn’t matter. There is always at least one lender waiting for you at MoneyMutual. On this platform, you enjoy

  • A wide network of lenders
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Less stringent eligibility criteria
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Multiple loan options

2. BadCreditLoans

BadCreditLoans is another reputable platform for guaranteed loan approval even with bad credit. This platform assists entrepreneurs and skilled workers looking for quick loans but with limited opportunities. On this platform, there are lenders willing to lend cash to high-risk borrowers. Some of the partners working with this platform are tribal lenders. Tribal lenders are lenders who issue loans at interest rates higher than the average rate offered by state lenders. However, they are not subject to state laws but tribal and federal laws.

So regardless of your current credit rating, you will definitely find a lender on this platform.

BadCreditLoans Service

BadCreditLoans is an online loan platform and not a direct lender. The platform is merely a free online platform for borrowers and lenders to interact. As a borrower, you simply visit the platform and indicate your need to borrow money by filling the online form. Once your form is submitted, the information will be communicated to lenders on the platform who will offer you loans that you are not under any obligation to accept.

BadCreditLoans has an advanced proprietary technology that markets your data to interested lending partners scores a large network. The platform will also advertise loan opportunities posted by different lenders to you as well. Furthermore, other credit-related services will be marketed to you as well.

The good news with this platform, like the others reviewed in this article, is that your personal information will not be revealed to lenders without your permission. The only thing that will be communicated is your intention to apply for a loan and nothing more.

How to apply for BadCreditLoans?

The process is relatively simple. All you need to do is

  • Log onto the website and fill out the loan application form
  • Submit the form
  • Lenders will review your information and contact you with their loan products
  • Select a loan that meets your requirement
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Receive the loan into your bank account

Loan Requirements

The Requirements for accessing a loan on this platform depend on the lender. The good thing about BadCreditLoans is that you don’t have to waste your time searching for a lender whose requirements you meet. The lenders will be the ones to contact you if you are eligible for their loans. However, you need to be:

  • A US Citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a checking account

Benefits of using BadCreditLoans

BadCreditLoans is a reliable platform if you want a quick loan despite your poor credit. Here are some benefits of using the platform:

100% free

This service is free, and you don’t have to pay any money to access the large network of lenders. All you need is an internet connection and a device to access the platform


The interest rates and conditions attached to the loan will be communicated to you, and you are not under any obligation to accept the loan if it does not suit you. This means that you are free to walk away if the terms are unfavorable.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and information are secure. The platform has advanced security encryption to protect your information from hackers. Furthermore, your sensitive information will not be sent to lenders; only your intention to borrow a loan will be made known to them without your identity flooding the internet.

Available round the clock

BadCreditLoans is available to users round the clock, making it a great platform to apply for a loan at short notice.

No extra charges

You don’t pay any extra fees for loans you borrow via the platform. BadCreditLoans only connects you with a lender, and they don’t charge you for the service.

Large lender network

There are so many lenders on the network, so your chances of finding a lender are high.

Utility Services

BadCreditLoans also connects you with support services to help you repair your credit in case you are not able to find a lender willing to give you a loan. With the help of credit repair experts, you can improve your credit rating.

3. CashUSA

Another very good platform where you can access a bad credit loan is none other than CashUSA. On this platform, there are credit personal loan lenders willing to offer you a loan even with bad credit. The loan amount issued to you will depend on the special Eligibility requirements of the lender interested in issuing you the loan. Also, the interest rates are never the same as different lenders have their independent rates attached to the loans that they offer. On average, the loans available on CashUSA have varying tenure ranging from 3 months to 72 months and interest rates ranging from 5.99% -35.99%.

If you are interested in applying for a loan via this platform, your current credit rating will determine how much you are eligible for and at what interest rate. Once you find a loan facility whose terms you are comfortable with, you can follow through with the process and have the amount deposited into your checking account. Like the other platform reviewed thus far, you are not under any obligation to accept any loan on CashUSA, and there are no extra costs for using the platform.

How to apply for a loan via CashUSA:

The application process is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is:

  • Visit CashUSA’s website and fill the loan application form
  • A lender will contact you and make you a loan offer
  • Review the terms and conditions and sign off on the loan
  • Have the loan amount deposited into your checking account

The loan amount available in CashUSA ranges between $500-$10,000, depending on your credit rating and state. However, here are general eligibility requirements most lenders demand before they issue loans to borrowers. The borrower must be:

  • 18 years old and above
  • Earn at least $1000 after tax
  • Have an email address
  • Operate an active checking account
  • Provide a phone number and house address
  • Must be a US citizen or a permanent resident in any US state

These are some of the eligibility requirements demanded by lenders, but there may be more requirements. Extra requirements will be communicated to you by the lender you deal with.

Benefits of using CashUSA

Here are some of the benefits of applying for a bad credit loan via CashUSA.

Fast and Convenient

The process is fast and convenient and is all done online. You don’t have to visit the office of the lender or submit physical documents of any kind. Once you submit your online form and are eligible for a loan by any lender, the process can be completed within minutes. It’s that easy.

Quick cash

Cash disbursement is immediate once your loan application is approved. There are no waiting times or unnecessary delays. If you have faced one frustration or the other in the past applying for a personal loan, rest easy because, with CashUSA, your experience will be different. The cash is disbursed in under one working day.

Privacy Guaranteed

No one likes to be in debt, and most importantly, no one likes to have their loan application made public. With CashUSA, your personal information will be protected from prying eyes since the platform is safe and secure.

Convenient repayment plan

The loans on CashUSA have flexible repayment plans that will reduce the repayment burden on you to pay back at short notice. With so many lenders willing to give you a loan, you will definitely find a lender offering you an extended repayment plan.

What is bad credit?

Bad credit is a situation where a borrower has an active credit debt left uncleared in one or all three credit bureaus. For those who may not know this: the credit bureau curates comprehensive data of all unpaid credit over a certain period. These credits come in different forms, such as:

  • Loan Application
  • Number Of Approved/Rejected Loans
  • Credit Card Approvals
  • Credit Card Loans
  • Foreclosures
  • General Debts Unpaid

Suffice to say that all your credit transaction are stored in your credit report, and lenders use this document to evaluate your loan application. So a bad credit is evidence of a debt pile-up left uncleared by an individual.

How do lenders evaluate a loan application?

When you approach a lender for a loan, the lender uses the data in your credit report to calculate your credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower the level of risk you pose to the lender; the lower your credit score, the higher the level of risk you pose to the lender. So, in a nutshell, lenders use your credit score to evaluate your ability to repay the loan you are applying for. They also use the score to decide the amount to loan you and the interest rate to charge for the loan.

In the same way, some property owners also use your credit history to determine your creditworthiness when it comes to fulfilling your financial responsibilities as a tenant as far as paying your rents.

So when it comes to applying for loans, people with bad credit are seen as high-risk borrowers, and high-risk borrowers mostly do not get the loans they apply for because they fall under the red list of many lenders.

Five main factors that cause bad credit:

Several factors cause many people to have bad credit. In this section, we review some of them:

1. Late debt payment

Paying your debt is one thing, but paying it on time is another. If you delay your payments or financial obligations, your overall creditworthiness will be impacted more than you can imagine.

For example, your payment history represents 35% of your total credit score. So, if you have delayed making payments for more than 30 days, your creditor may post this information in one of the credit bureaus and this data will be registered against your profile.

A consistent delay on most of your payments will eventually begin to affect your credit ratings without your knowledge. This is why financial advisors warn against late payments of debts. Some common examples of late payments that may affect your credit score and cause you to have a bad credit include

  • Late utility bills payment
  • Late credit card payments
  • Late payments to lenders

So defaulting on your debt consistently will affect your credit score and, if left unchecked, will reduce your chances of getting a conventional loan.

2. Debt transfer

Having your debt transferred from a lender to a debt collector is one sure way of ruining your credit score. Some lenders have a standard practice of either selling their debt to an agency or hiring the agency to help them retrieve the money owed. This is a bad situation to be in if you have to deal with a debt collection agency. These third-party agencies, having had the debt transferred to their account, update this information with the credit bureaus. Once your profile is registered by such an agency as a loan defaulter, it will reflect poorly on your history. Repairing your profile will take a lot of work, starting with paying back the money borrowed.

3. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is another way people get bad credit. For example, business people may end up filing for bankruptcy if their businesses are no longer able to meet their financial obligations like paying their debt. In such a situation, they have no option but to file for bankruptcy so that the authorities can grant them legal protection. In such a scenario, the financial rating of such a business entity will be destroyed.

Even worse is the impact the filing will have on the individual who filed the bankruptcy claim. The record will be registered with the business owner’s profile and will stay that way for at least seven years. Unfortunately, if you have ever filed for bankruptcy for your business, lenders will not be too keen to give you a loan because your credit score will be badly affected.

4. A debt charge off

Debt charge-offs are very common and have been for a very long time, but what does it mean? A debt charge-off is a situation where a lender gives up hope after several unsuccessful attempts to get back money borrowed to an individual. Even though the lender stops coming for the loan, the record still remains in the borrower’s credit history.

For example, if you have an account you use to purchase a service or a product and you are charged the value of the purchase from the account. If you fail to pay for services or products purchased and the lender or product provider blacklists the account because you refused to pay what you owe, the debt remains in place even though the account is no longer active. Debt charge-offs reduce your credit ratings, and the account is registered in your credit profile for at least 7 years.

5. Loan default

Loan defaults are just like debt charge off. The only difference is while the latter is for a service or product you did not pay for, the former is for the cash borrowed from a lender but not repaid. Lenders forward the information of defaulters to the credit bureau, and once this happens, the reputation of such a borrower will be damaged, so much so that other lenders will reject future loan applications by the borrower.

Benefits of Bad Credit Loans

Most people who have bad credits do not have access to conventional loan facilities, and the few who are lucky even to have their application looked at are placed through a tough process. At the end of the day, they may not even get their application approved. But with a base credit loan, they can meet urgent financial needs at short notice. Here are some of the benefits of bad credit loans

Debt consolidation

One of the benefits of bad credit loans is that it allows you to consolidate your outstanding debt. With the proceeds from the loan, you can pay off other creditors. What this does is that it reduces your indebtedness while ensuring that you only owe a single entity. In this case, that will be the bad credit loan lender. Moreover, as you pay off your other debt, your credit score will improve.

Meet pressing needs

Bad credit loans grant you cash access to meet urgent financial needs despite being in debt. With a rising debt profile and a static income, meeting immediate needs is not easy, especially when no one is willing to lend you money because of your bad credit. With a bad credit loan, however, you can stay afloat for the time being.

Improve your credit score

Although we have mentioned this point before, it is one of the greatest benefits of bad credit loans, especially if you use the loan to settle other debts. For most people, their debt profile doesn’t rise overnight. Similarly, repairing a bad credit will not happen overnight either. It takes time, but as you pay off your debts one after the other, your credit score will begin to improve. As your score improves, you will be able to better access credit lines.


If you have a poor credit score and you have been looking for loans for bad credit online, all the websites reviewed in this article are rich sources to get in touch with bad credit loan lenders. The guaranteed loans available on these platforms have flexible eligibility requirements, and loans are disbursed as quickly as possible after the loan is approved by the lender.

However, before you sign off the loan, make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions offered by the lender. If you don’t like what is offered, you are free to reject the loan and wait until you find a loan that fits your requirements.

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Are Personal Loan Smartphone Apps Legitimate? Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:06:19 +0000 Getting a personal loan could make sense if you need money to pay for an unexpected expense, home improvement and repairs, or debt consolidation. According to Experian, Americans took out 3.1 million new personal loans in 2020, with many borrowing because of pandemic-related hardships. But where do you turn for a personal loan when you […]]]>

Getting a personal loan could make sense if you need money to pay for an unexpected expense, home improvement and repairs, or debt consolidation. According to Experian, Americans took out 3.1 million new personal loans in 2020, with many borrowing because of pandemic-related hardships. But where do you turn for a personal loan when you need one?

You might try a personal loan mobile app if you’re looking for convenient funding with potentially lower rates than what you might pay at a bank. There are a growing number of lenders that offer personal loans online.

Trying out a loan mobile app might be a new experience. But it’s easier to navigate than you might think.

What Is a Personal Loan App?

A personal loan mobile app is an app that allows you to apply for and manage personal loans from your mobile device. There are different ways to get an online personal loan, starting with your current bank’s mobile app. You may be able to apply for a personal loan through the app, depending on what your bank offers. And once approved, you could check your balance or schedule bill payments through the same app.

There are also apps that are designed just for personal loans. These are associated with lenders and lending marketplaces that specialize in offering loans online. The premise is the same, though. You can:

  • Download a loan mobile app
  • Review personal loan options
  • Apply for a personal loan
  • Check your balance and make payments once you’re approved

Personal loan mobile apps make borrowing money easier. And if you already have experience using mobile banking apps or personal finance apps, you’ll find they’re not that different when it comes to navigating them.

What Kind of Loans Can You Get With a Smartphone App?

The types of loans you can get through a smartphone cap can vary, based on which app you’re using. But generally, you may be able to apply for any of the following via an app:

  • Personal loans. A personal loan is money you borrow to pay for personal expenses. So if your car breaks down, for example, or your pet needs emergency surgery you could apply for a personal loan through a mobile app to pay for those expenses.
  • Auto loans. If you’re in the market to buy a car, you could try an auto loan mobile app to find the right borrowing option. These apps can be offered by banks, credit unions and non-bank auto lenders.
  • Installment loans. An installment loan is a loan that’s paid back in a set number of installments, usually either monthly or biweekly. These apps may require no credit check for approval and you can apply for them through a mobile app.
  • Payday advance loans. Payday advance apps lend you money against your next paycheck. You might consider one of these mobile loan apps if you need to borrow a smaller amount of money that you can repay relatively quickly.
  • Small business loans. If you run a small business and need cash to cover expenses, then there’s an app for that, too. Small business loan apps can help you find the right loan option based on your business type, revenues and credit score.

These days, there are even apps that allow you to apply for a mortgage from your mobile device. The point is that when you need to borrow for almost any reason, there’s an app that can help.

Is It Safe to Apply for a Loan Using My Smartphone?

Banks and lenders are taking security and data privacy more seriously than ever these days, thanks to an uptick in cybercrime. At the same time, they recognize the need for convenient access to borrowing options, hence the rise of the mobile loan app.

Overall, applying for a loan from your smartphone is safe as banks and lenders can take a number of steps to protect your information. That includes encrypting data and using secure servers to store data. Of course, it’s important to take some basic precautions on your end to ensure that your information is safe.

How to Make Sure My Information Stays Secure

The steps you can take to secure your information when applying for an online personal loan through your mobile device are relatively straightforward. They include:

  • Downloading trusted apps only. When downloading loan mobile apps, stick with companies you know and trust. And if you’re not familiar with a particular lender, check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and look for any complaints filed against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Reading the fine print. Before granting a personal loan app permission to access information on your device, read the fine print first. Be sure to understand what information the app will be able to access and how that information is kept secure and private.
  • Avoiding public WiFi. Using public WiFi to apply for a loan on a mobile app or manage your money with any other app for that matter could put your information at risk. So stick to using trusted WiFi providers only.

Finally, be sure to keep your device and apps updated. This can help to ensure you have the latest security measures installed as new updates are made.

How Do I Apply for a Loan on My Smartphone?

Applying for a loan on a smartphone isn’t that complicated. Before you get started, you may want to read some loan app reviews first to get a better idea of how they work. We’ve included some online personal loan reviews a little further down.

It also helps to have any information or documents handy that you might need to apply for a loan. That includes things like pay stubs, tax forms and bank account statements.

Once you’ve done some preliminary research and organized your documents, you can move on to the next steps.

Download and install a mobile loan app

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a loan app to download. Again, this is where it helps to be familiar with how different loan apps compare, in terms of what they offer and what kind of borrowers they typically work with.

Once you’ve done that you can install the app to your device and create an account.

Choose a loan option

If you’ve created an account, the next step is comparing loan options. When comparing personal loans, consider:

  • How much you need to borrow
  • Interest rates
  • Minimum credit score requirements
  • Fees
  • Loan terms

Some apps may guide you through the process of selecting a loan by asking you how much you need to borrow, what you plan to use the loan for and what you estimate your credit score to be. The app will then make a recommendation, based on your answers. You can decide whether to accept the recommendation or start over and look for a new loan.

Complete the loan application

If you’ve chosen a loan, you can complete the application. You’ll need to share some basic details like:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Address and phone number
  • Income and employment
  • Housing status (i.e. rent or own)
  • Housing payment
  • Desired loan amount

Depending on the lender, you may be asked to upload pay stubs, tax forms, bank statements and other supporting documents as part of the loan application process. At this stage, the lender may perform a hard check of your credit. This is used to determine whether to approve you and what interest rate you’ll pay.

Review the loan offer

If you’re approved for a personal loan through a mobile app, you’ll have a chance to approve the personal loan rates and terms. If you’ve checked the interest rate, monthly payment, loan amount and fees and it all looks good to you, you can accept the loan and move ahead. At this stage you’ll agree to the lender’s terms and conditions for the loan.

You’ll also need to tell the lender where to deposit the money. This means sharing your bank account number and routing number. Depending on the lender, you may have the money in your account in as little as 1 to 2 business days after you’re approved.

If you decide not to accept the offer, you can request a different loan offer from the same lender. Or you could start all over and apply for a loan through another app. Keep in mind, however, that multiple hard pulls of your credit could knock points off your credit score.

Manage your loan payments

Once your loan is funded, you can log into your loan app to set up payment options. For example, if you want to set up automatic payments you should be able to do that through the app. You could also set up payment reminders to let you know when the due date is approaching.

Read Reviews

If you’re trying to decide which personal loan mobile app to use, reading reviews can help. Online reviews for loan apps can help with comparing things like loan terms, loan limits, interest rates and fees. And you can also get a feel for how user-friendly a particular mobile loan app is.

We’ve rounded up some of our best personal loan reviews here. But you can also do your own independent research with a simple search to find more loan reviews.

Best Egg

Best Egg offers personal loans for debt consolidation, credit card refinancing, home improvements, travel, major purchases, special occasions and even adoption expenses. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was rated a #1 personal loan option by Best Company.

Lending Club

Lending Club offers personal loans of up to $40,000 with low, fixed interest rates. You can get loan funds in as little as a few days, with no origination fees or prepayment penalties. Lending Club also allows for automatic loan payments each month.


Lightstream loans can be used for a variety of purposes, from home improvements to debt consolidation to medical expenses. Rates are fixed and you can download the app to apply through the Google Play store or the App Store.


Payoff personal loans are designed specifically for consolidating and paying off credit card debt. There are no application fees and applying won’t impact your credit score. This loan mobile app is designed to help you get debt-free faster while improving your credit scores.


Prosper offers loans with 3 or 5 year terms and fixed interest rates. The lowest rates are reserved for the most credit-worthy borrowers. There are no prepayment penalties and you can check your rate through the Prosper app before you apply.


SoFi personal loans have no origination fees, no prepayment penalties and no late fees. Rates are fixed and it’s possible to borrow up to $100,000. SoFi borrowers also enjoy unemployment protection if they lose their jobs and are unable to make loan payments.


Upgrade offers personal loans of up to $50,000 with low fixed rates and predictable monthly payments. In addition to personal loans, Upgrade also offers rewards checking accounts and the Upgrade Card, which features a flexible credit line of up to $25,000.

Pros and Cons to Personal Loan Mobile Banking

Getting a personal loan through a mobile app can be a great fit for some borrowers but not so much for others. Whether it makes sense for you to get a personal loan online can depend on what you need the money for, your credit scores and how quickly you need loan funds. Looking at the pros and cons can help you decide if a loan mobile app is worth a look.


  • Convenience. Applying for a loan through a mobile app means you don’t have to go to a bank or credit union to fill out paperwork. And you can apply any time, anywhere, when you need to borrow.
  • Loan shopping. Mobile apps can also make it easier to compare different loan options in one place. If you’re using a loan marketplace app, for example, you can easily see personal loans from different lenders side by side.
  • Speed. Getting a personal loan through a bank or credit union could take several days or even weeks to complete, from the time you apply to the time you get the loan funds. With a personal loan app, on the other hand, you might be approved in minutes and get loan funds the same day or the next business day.


  • Tech. Applying for a personal loan with a mobile assumes you know your way around a mobile device. If you’re not the techie type, then you might struggle with downloading or navigating mobile banking loan apps.
  • Rates. If you’re looking for personal loans, using a mobile app doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best rates. You may find better rates at your current bank or credit union, for example. So it’s worth keeping in mind that an app isn’t the only place to shop for a loan.
  • Security. If you’re concerned about security and data privacy, you may feel more comfortable skipping a loan app and going to your bank to borrow money instead.


Are personal loan mobile apps legit?

Yes, loan apps are a legitimate way to borrow money. Some are offered by banks while others are offered by online lenders but both can be reliable borrowing options.

Is there a limit to how much I can borrow with a mobile app?

Yes, loan mobile apps can limit the amount of money you can borrow. The personal loan amount you qualify for can depend on the app you’re using, your credit scores and income.

Do loan mobile apps report to the credit bureaus?

They can, though they’re not required to. If you want to build credit with an online personal loan, making payments on time or early each month is the best way to do it.

Will I pay a fee if pay my loan back early?

You might if the lender charges a prepayment penalty. These penalties are designed to help lenders recover any lost interest when a loan is paid in full ahead of schedule.

Can I get more than one loan from a mobile app?

Yes, though you may need to apply for loans from different lenders as some apps might limit you to one loan at a time. Keep in mind that applying for multiple loans can impact your credit scores and potentially put a strain on your budget if you’re juggling several payments.

4 Key Takeaways

  1. Personal loan mobile apps can make it easy to get money when you need it for just about any purpose.
  2. These apps can be more convenient than going to a bank for a loan and many of them offer generous loan limits.
  3. Before committing to a personal loan through a mobile app, be sure to understand what you’ll pay and when payments are due.
  4. Consider setting up automatic payments or due date reminders to avoid any credit score dings associated with paying late.

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How To Get A Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:04:15 +0000 If you have below-average credit — typically below a FICO score of 670 — you can improve your odds of being approved for a debt consolidation loan by spending a few months working to improve your credit. If you can redirect the money you spend on nonessential expenses toward paying down debt, you may get […]]]>

If you have below-average credit — typically below a FICO score of 670 — you can improve your odds of being approved for a debt consolidation loan by spending a few months working to improve your credit. If you can redirect the money you spend on nonessential expenses toward paying down debt, you may get better terms from lenders that specialize in debt consolidation loans for bad credit and will take your recent efforts into consideration.

Benefits of a debt consolidation loan

Someone might get a debt consolidation loan for one of several reasons. The biggest benefits of a debt consolidation loan include:

  • Simplified finances: A debt consolidation loan rolls multiple monthly payments into one. Having only one lender and one monthly bill to worry about could help you pay off your debt more consistently and avoid missed payments, which lower your credit score.
  • Lower interest rate: It’s generally only wise to get a debt consolidation loan if you can get a better interest rate than what you’re paying on your debt now. If you’re paying an average of 16 percent to 20 percent on your credit cards and you can get a debt consolidation loan for 14 percent APR, you’ll save money overall.
  • Fixed payment: Most debt consolidation loans have fixed interest rates and a set repayment term, so your monthly payment will be the same every month — unlike monthly payments on credit cards.

How to qualify for a debt consolidation loan

Every lender sets its own requirements for borrowers looking for debt consolidation loans. However, every lender will look at your credit score, income and debt-to-income ratio to determine how capable you are of repaying your loan. Often you’ll need a credit score of around 650, although bad-credit debt consolidation lenders exist; these lenders may accept credit scores of 600 or even less. Just remember that the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate.

4 steps to getting a debt consolidation loan for bad credit

If you’re struggling to get out of debt and think a debt consolidation loan can help, you’ll likely have to have a credit score in the mid-600s, a history of timely payments and sufficient income to qualify. However, every lender has its own requirements. Start with the following steps to help you find the right personal loans for debt consolidation and boost your chances of approval.

1. Check and monitor your credit score

Lenders base loan decisions largely upon the condition of your credit. Generally, the lower your credit score, the higher the interest rates lenders will offer you on financing. To qualify for a debt consolidation loan, you’ll have to meet the lender’s minimum requirement. This is often in the mid-600 range, although some bad-credit lenders may accept scores as low as 580.

Many banks offer free tools that allow you to check and monitor your credit score. Once you know your credit score, it’s easier to identify lenders that may be willing to work with you. Not only are there lenders that specialize in loans for people who have bad credit, but many list credit score requirements on their websites.

2. Shop around

It’s rarely a good idea to accept the first loan offer you see. Instead, do your research and compare loan amounts, repayment terms and fees from multiple sources, including local banks, national banks, credit unions and online lenders. This process can take time, but it might save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The easiest starting point may be online lenders because you can often view your rates with a soft credit check, which won’t hurt your credit score. However, it may also be worthwhile to check offerings with your existing bank; if you have a good relationship with a bank or credit union, it may be more willing to overlook below-average credit.

3. Consider a secured loan

Personal loans for debt consolidation are typically unsecured, meaning they don’t require collateral. If you’re having a hard time getting approved for an affordable unsecured debt consolidation loan, a secured loan might be worth considering.

Secured loans require some form of collateral, such as a vehicle, home or another asset. The collateral usually has to be worth enough to cover the loan amount if you default. Because of this, it’s typically easier to get approved for a secured loan than an unsecured one, and you may even qualify for a better interest rate.

4. Wait and improve your credit

If you’ve tried everything and can’t find a loan that will help you save money, it may be best to hold off and take some time to establish a better credit score.

Make it a goal to pay your monthly debts on time every month for several months in a row. It’s also a good idea to focus on paying down credit card balances and eliminating all nonessential monthly expenses, such as subscriptions and eating out frequently.

“Make a short-term plan that ensures you’re consistently allocating money towards debt payments every month,” says Steve Sexton, CEO of Sexton Advisory Group. “Once you’ve built momentum for a month or two, request a meeting with your bank or credit union to review your efforts and apply for a debt consolidation loan. You’ll have better luck with a bank or credit union vs. an online lender because you can show that you’ve already started taking the steps to paying down your debt and correcting the issue.”

It’s also a good idea to get a copy of your three credit reports, which you can do for free once a year (or weekly through April 2022 through, and check for errors. If you find any, you can dispute them with the three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Where to get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit

With so many lenders out there, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to begin. Here are some good places to start your search.

Credit unions and local banks

Local banks and credit unions will typically check your credit when you apply for a personal loan, just like any other lender. Yet these local financial institutions may be willing to offer you more leeway if your credit isn’t in great shape, particularly if you’ve already built a positive relationship with them.

If you’re a customer of a local bank or a member of a credit union, you can talk to a loan officer about whether you qualify for a personal loan (and what the rate and terms are, if you do). The institution may look beyond your low credit score and take into account your entire financial history, personal circumstances and relationship with the bank or credit union.

Online lenders

Online lenders are good places to look for debt consolidation loans if you have bad credit, as they may be more likely to approve you for a bad-credit loan than a traditional brick-and-mortar bank.

With an online lender, you can often:

  • Compare rates without impacting your credit score.
  • Apply quickly and easily, without lots of paperwork or the need to visit a branch in person.
  • Get funds within a week, or even in as little as one business day.

“Most online lenders will be more flexible in providing these types of loans,” says Ash Exantus, director of financial education at BankMobile, an online bank.

With that said, online lenders frequently charge high APRs for bad-credit debt consolidation loans. You also have to watch out for origination fees that could add to your overall cost of financing and cut into your loan proceeds.

In particular, when reviewing online lenders for a potential debt consolidation loan, it’s important to know whether the company you’re considering is a direct lender or a third-party lender, Sexton says. “Working with a third-party lender can sometimes involve additional costs and fees, so it could benefit you to seek a direct lender to avoid these costs.”

If you’re considering debt consolidation loans for bad credit, here are some online lenders you may want to check out:

  • LendingClub is reported to have a minimum credit score requirement of 660. APRs range from 7.04 percent to 35.89 percent on debt consolidation loans from $1,000 to $40,000.
  • Upstart requires applicants to have a minimum credit score of 600 or higher to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Qualified borrowers may be able to take out loans from $1,000 to $50,000 with an APR range of 8.94 percent to 35.99 percent.
  • Avant’s minimum FICO score is 580. However, the company says that most customers who receive loans have a score of between 600 and 700. If you qualify for financing, you may be able to borrow $2,000 to $35,000 at an APR between 9.95 percent and 35.99 percent.
  • OneMain Financial doesn’t specify a minimum credit score on its website, but it has a track record of working with borrowers who have fair and poor credit. The APR range on debt consolidation loans with OneMain Financial is 18 percent to 35.99 percent, and borrowers may qualify for loans from $1,500 up to $20,000.

Summary of the best bad-credit debt consolidation loan options

Lender Minimum credit score APR range
LendingClub 600 7.04%–35.89%
Upstart 600 8.94%–35.99%
Avant 580 FICO 9.95%–35.99%
OneMain Financial Not specified 18%–35.99%

How to manage your debt consolidation loan

Once you’ve obtained the funds from a debt consolidation loan, it’s important to manage the money responsibly. Here are some ways to help pay off your debt consolidation loan without racking up new debt.

Create a budget

After being approved for a loan, draft a budget outlining how you will repay the money each month, ensuring that you’ll be capable of doing so.

“Know ahead of time how much you’re going to have to pay each month,” Exantus says. “If the amount that you’re going to pay is not conducive to your current budget, then it would not make sense to proceed with a debt consolidation loan.”

Alternatively, you may want to immediately reduce some of your current discretionary expenses to ensure that you have enough cash on hand to repay your loan each month.

Pay off all debt immediately

Once the funds from the consolidation loan have arrived in your account, the first thing you should do is pay off all of your debt.

“Some people will receive the money and proceed to use it for other purposes, or will fail to pay off the entirety of their debt,” says James Lambridis, CEO of DebtMD. “This will only put you in a worse off financial situation.”

Set up automatic payments

Once you have your debt consolidation loan, see if your lender offers autopay. Many do, and some will even give you a discount for setting it up. It’s a good way to potentially lower your interest payments if your poor credit resulted in a high rate. It will also help keep you on track — especially important for your credit, since making timely payments on your loan is one of the best ways to raise your credit score.

Resolve any spending issues

Finally, you’ll need to acknowledge and resolve any ongoing spending issues you may have. Without addressing the behavioral money patterns that caused the problem in the first place, it’s easy to fall right back into debt, Sexton says.

This includes trying not to reach for those credit cards again once they’ve been paid off, as you don’t want to end up back at square one.

Alternatives to a debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation may not be the best option for everyone. If you can’t qualify for a debt consolidation loan with a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying, you might want to consider some of these alternatives instead.

Do-it-yourself fixes

There are a few ways to alter your financial plan without involving third parties. To start tackling your debt, you can:

  • Overhaul your budget. Compare how much you’re spending with how much you earn and see where you can cut costs to free up more money for debt elimination.
  • Renegotiate the terms of your debt. If you’re struggling to meet your minimum payments, your lenders might be willing to lower your interest rate or work with you in other ways.
  • Ask for a due-date adjustment. You might be able to schedule all of your payment due dates near the same day. While this isn’t the same as consolidating your debt, it may help you keep track of your obligations more easily.

Debt management plan (DMP)

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a nonprofit financial counseling organization with member agencies around the country that offer debt management plans (DMPs).

In a way, DMPs are another type of debt consolidation for bad credit. While in the program, you make one lump-sum monthly payment to your credit counseling agency that covers multiple bills for the month.

The agency, in turn, pays each of your creditors on your behalf (generally at a lower negotiated interest rate). Most debt management plans take three to five years to complete.

That said, going through this process typically results in a notation on your credit report that you’re on a debt management plan. Though the notation will not impact your credit score, new lenders may be hesitant to offer you new lines of credit.

Home equity

If you own a home and have significant equity in it, you may be able to take out a home equity loan to consolidate your debt. A home equity loan isn’t technically a debt consolidation loan, but it might help you score a low interest rate, because the loan is secured by your home.

Just keep in mind that while using your home’s equity may help you qualify for financing and possibly secure a lower interest rate, there’s significant risk involved as well. If you can’t keep up with the payments, you could risk losing your home to foreclosure. It’s best to pursue this option only if you’re certain that you won’t have problems repaying the debt.

Ways to leverage your home equity for financing include:

  • Home equity loan. Sometimes called a second mortgage, a home equity loan is a lump-sum, fixed-rate loan that homeowners can take out using the equity in their homes as collateral.
  • Home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC is another type of financing that is secured by the value of your home. Rather than borrowing a lump sum at a fixed interest rate, you take out a line of credit — similar to a credit card. This gives you access to funds whenever you need them, up to a maximum borrowing limit. As you pay down your balance, you can borrow up to that limit again.
  • Cash-out refinance. With a cash-out refinance, you take out a new mortgage for more than you currently owe on your home. From there, you can use the leftover funds to pay off your debt.

What to do if your situation is dire

Debt consolidation loans and the alternatives noted above are best for people who can qualify for a low interest rate. If you’re drowning in debt and can’t afford your monthly payments, it might be wise to consider credit counseling, debt settlement or bankruptcy.

While these options aren’t ideal, they may be your ticket to getting some relief.

Credit counseling

A credit counseling agency can help by acting as a middleman between you and your creditors. A credit counselor can help you understand your credit report and suggest steps for improving your credit score and achieving financial stability. Some credit counseling agencies even offer limited services for free.

If you’re struggling to manage your debt, credit counselors can also set you up with a debt management plan. Credit counseling agencies typically have contracts with creditors with lower interest rates than what you may be currently paying.

Debt settlement

Debt settlement goes one step further than debt management. Debt settlement companies like National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief work with you to settle your debt for less than what you owe.

The caveat is that you typically need to pay enough into an account with the debt settlement company before it will begin negotiations with your creditors — often at the expense of making your regular monthly payments, forcing you to default.

If you default on your debts, it could damage your credit score even further, which can take a long time to rebuild.

However, there are also some positives to consider when proceeding with debt settlement, Exantus says. “If your credit is bad already, then allowing your current debt to stay delinquent is not a negative thing because eventually, it will save you money because you’re paying a lower amount to your creditor than what you originally would have paid if the debt consolidation company didn’t intervene.”

Remember, however, that reaching a zero balance on your debt won’t make past late payments or other derogatory notations disappear from your credit report. You’ll still be stuck with the negative account on your credit report for up to seven years from when it went into default (though it should impact your score less and less over time).

Debt settlement services also come with fees, sometimes regardless of whether the company is successful at negotiating down your debt.


If you’re experiencing financial hardship and even debt settlement doesn’t sound possible, bankruptcy may be your only option. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, you may need to place your assets under control of a bankruptcy court and agree to give up most or all of your wealth.

Note that declaring bankruptcy doesn’t discharge all types of debt — for example, you still have to pay student loans and child support debt. Bankruptcy will also remain on your credit report for up to seven to 10 years. Because of this, it could be years before you’ll qualify for certain types of credit again.

That being said, filing for bankruptcy can give you a second chance to rebuild your finances. With diligence, your credit can eventually recover as well.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, consult with a bankruptcy attorney to get advice about your best path forward.

Watch out for predatory lenders

If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan, keep in mind that some lenders are predatory in nature. This is especially true of lenders that work with people who have low credit scores. They’ll often charge exorbitantly high interest rates and a variety of additional fees.

Online companies like OppLoans, for instance, charge triple-digit APRs. That said, it’s nowhere near as pricey as payday loans, which can charge APRs of up to 1251.43 percent.

Accepting a loan with such a steep interest rate can be extremely expensive and may cause you to go deeper into debt. Plus, using a predatory lender defeats the purpose of a debt consolidation loan, which is to make it easier to pay down your debt.

“Sometimes it’s hard to spot who are predatory lenders as it relates to the consolidation loans, especially when you have bad credit,” Exantus says. “Anybody who offers you anything may seem like a win. The important thing is to read the fine print. Do not get into any agreement without fully understanding what that is going to cost you.”

Predatory loans are those that benefit the lender at the borrower’s expense, Sexton adds. The warning signs include:

  • The interest for your credit rating seems too good to be true.
  • The lender is pressuring you to act quickly.
  • The lender is pressuring you to take out a risky or expensive loan.
  • The lender is asking you to lie on your application.
  • The fees or terms suddenly change at closing.

The bottom line

Regardless of how you get rid of your debt, it’s important to have a plan for accomplishing your goal. It can be discouraging if you can’t find a good debt consolidation loan or if you’re faced with the prospect of debt settlement or bankruptcy. But don’t let that discouragement stop you from taking action. If you can avoid letting an account go to collections while you decide, do so.

Also, keep in mind that debt consolidation loans are a temporary fix. They don’t address the core problem of how you got into debt in the first place. If you opt for a debt consolidation loan, be sure to take additional steps toward financial stability, like creating a budget, curbing your overspending and looking for additional income opportunities. You should also avoid racking up new balances on accounts you just paid off.

Finally, be cautious about jumping on any loan you can qualify for just to pay off your debt quickly. Taking out a predatory loan to pay off your current debt is exchanging one problem for another.

Learn more:

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Best Payday Loans Online 2021 Thu, 09 Sep 2021 07:24:51 +0000 The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links Observer will earn a commission. Living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you might not be able to save up money for any […]]]>

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links Observer will earn a commission.

Living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you might not be able to save up money for any unexpected situations. Also, trying to get a loan when your credit score is already affected is yet another difficult task. So, what next? 

Getting an online payday loan might be a suitable solution. However, it is pertinent to mention that these types of loans usually come with hefty interest rates, and some lenders might exploit you for the situation you are dealing with. 

In order to avoid any such undesired happening, we have come up with a list of trusted, reputable, and free sources that can link you with a lender online from which you can borrow the required amount and get it transferred to your bank account the same day or the next. 

This will not only save you from becoming prey to fraudulent people but will also save you from those tiring in-person meetings. 

Last but not least, there is also a chance that online lenders might charge lower interest rates than traditional ones. So, let us get started.

Top 5 Best Online Payday Loans 

In our opinion, loans provided by MoneyMutual are the best payday loan providers among all. 

  1. MoneyMutual: Best Overall Same Day Loan Provider 
  2. BadCreditLoans: Top Payday Loan Provider  
  3. CashUSA: The Easiest Loans to Get
  4. Credit Loans: Best Online Payday Loan for Instant Approval
  5. Personal Loans: Best Online Payday Loan for Bad Credit 

#1. MoneyMutual – Best Overall Same Day Loan Provider 

Best Personal Loan Provider for Bad Credit

Contrary to conventional payday loan stores, which limit you to a few daytime hours to apply for loans, MoneyMutual allows you to apply for the loan amounts at any hour of the day — be it midnight or early morning. Also, minimum effort is required to get the job done since it takes only a few minutes to fill out the form and submit it. Also, a credit check is not a priority.

Please note that MoneyMutual itself is not a lender; instead, it acts as a bridge between the lender and the borrower. And, it does not charge anything for doing so. 

With MoneyMutual, you can get up to $2500 transferred into your account within 24hrs. The trust of 2,000,000 users in MoneyMutual is a self-evident truth that supports the fact that it is the most credible source to rely on for payday loans. 

It has over 60 lenders in its community, and once you have filled and submitted the request form, MoneyMutual forwards it to all of them. Then, the lender reviews your request, and on accepting it, the platform connects you and the borrower directly. 

You will then be redirected to the website of the lender to review the terms and conditions. If you find everything suitable, you can accept it; otherwise, you have the full right to turn it down without being liable to pay any hidden charges.

So, even if you have a bad credit score, MoneyMutual has you covered as long as you are 18 years old or older and you earn $800 monthly. 

Lastly, if a payday loan is not the solution to your problem, the platform also has the option of small short-term personal loans. 

Click here to learn more about how MoneyMutual works on the official site

Other Options to Contemplate with Payday Loans

In addition to MoneyMutual, the following are our favorite options. While some of the below-discussed companies might not offer payday loan facilities, they do have the option of personal loans. You can borrow as little as $250 to as much as $35000 and repay it in easy installments. 

The benefit to personal loans over payday loans is the low APR offered. 

Let us have a detailed look at what the company has to offer and how it works.

#2. BadCreditLoans – Top Payday Loan Provider

Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit Borrowers


This Washington-based company mainly focuses on providing loans to people with a poor credit check. You can not only bear your sudden and unplanned expenses with the help of BadCreditLoans, but you can also get your score repaired.

If you unfailingly manage to pay the installments on time, there is a chance your bad credit scores will get better since the company reports all of your performance to credit bureaus.

With BadCreditLoans, you can borrow up to $10,000 at interest rates that range from 5.99% – 35.99%. However, the amount that can be lent to you might vary depending on your score. 

So, no matter why you want a loan, whether for debt consolidation, auto repair, medical expenses, taxes, or vacations, you can get the amount transferred straight into your bank account within one business day if you are 18+ and have a regular source of income, e-mail address and phone number, legal residency or SSN as proof of your valid citizenship, and a personal checking account. 

The initial process is pretty straightforward and easy. To begin with, you have to fill out a form that requires some basic information, like the reason for which you want a loan, the area you live in, your full name, and whether or not you are active military. 

In the second step, another page of the form pops up, and some detailed information is required, like how long you have been living in a particular area and everything regarding your employment — including your net income, the name and phone number of your employer, etc. 

Then, you are required to complete the third and last page of the form. Here you will have to enter details regarding your upcoming payday and bank account and then finish the form by entering your phone number. 

The process might sound a little too lengthy, but trust us, it only takes a few minutes. However, if you compare running after lenders individually and doing meetings with them, you will realize this is a way better option. 

Once a lender reviews your request, they will share the terms and conditions with you. Make sure you go through each and every part of it. If you find everything suitable, go for it; otherwise, feel free to decline the offer. 

On accepting the offer, you will have to give your e-consent. It is likely the funds will be transferred to your account in one business day. 

Click here to learn more about how BadCreditLoans works on the official site

#3. CashUSA – The Easiest Loans to Get

The Easiest Loans To Get


No matter if you need $500 or $10,000, CashUSA will find someone to lend the amount to you in no time. This U.S.-based company connects borrowers with low credit scores to lenders for free; often without a credit check. So, despite the type of loan you are planning to get, be it a payday loan or a personal loan, one thing is for sure, you will not regret choosing CashUSA.

The eligibility criterion set by the company is not strict since the restriction of minimum score is not imposed. CashUSA demands no different information than the rest of the companies, which is your correct name and date of birth, whether or not you are active military, and other traditional contact details. 

Having a steady income of $1000 monthly and a personal account is a must for the approval of your request. And, once your request is approved by a lender, the terms and conditions set will be made accessible to you for review. However, do not rush when this stage arrives. Take your time and make a wise decision. You are not obliged to accept the offer if it is unsuitable. 

If you accept the offer, make sure to pay back the installments timely to avoid any undesired complications. For payments, all you have to do is keep the amount due in your account, and it will automatically be drawn on the decided date. 

In addition, the industry-standard encryption used by CashUSA ensures the safe transfer of funds. Also, you can be assured of the fact that your personal information is in safe hands. To have a more in-depth knowledge of how the site works and what the data collected from you is used for, feel free to visit the official website and review their privacy policy

Click here to learn more about how CashUSA works on the official site

#4. Credit Loans – Best Online Payday Loan for Instant Approval

Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans

Credit Loan

Established in 1998, Credit Loans aims to help people get funds in the hour of need despite poor credit scores. Generally, the platform enables you to borrow as low as $250 and as much as $40,000, but individuals with low scores can only get up to $5000. 

By using Credit Loans, you can apply to multiple lenders for funds at once. This helps you avoid the exhausting process of finding and meeting with lenders individually. 

The process starts with filling out the basic, required form. The information required is similar for each company; however, the peculiar thing about Credit Loans is that they satisfy their customers by telling them why each blank needs to be filled. This boosts the customer’s trust in the company.  

Once you submit the form, your request is instantly processed and is accessed by the lenders available. In no time, you will receive an email regarding loan offers. You can choose any offer you find suitable and accept it; but, before doing that, make sure you have carefully reviewed the terms and conditions. 

Despite the fact you have the pre-approval on your loan request, please remember that nothing is definite until formal paperwork is completed. 

This is because, during the earlier steps, a soft credit check is run, but, if the lender finds something unsuitable during the final/hard inquiry, they can still step back. However, if everything goes fine, you can give your final consent, and the funds will be available to you in no more than 24hrs.  

Apart from the loan services offered by the platform, it also educates people regarding the typical but most important financial issues. This, in our opinion, is a great initiative, as it lets you enjoy multiple benefits under one roof. 

Lastly, the official website of Credit Loans is a safe and secure platform. The TRUSTe Seal is proof of that. However, make sure to give their privacy policy a read before you get started. 

Click here to learn more about how Credit Loan works on the official site

#5 Personal Loans – Best Online Payday Loan for Bad Credit

Best Personal Loan Provider


This Utah-based company might be the best option for you if you are planning to get an installment, peer-to-peer, or bank loan urgently since the platform processes your request swiftly. 

The flexible repayment options offered by the company add to its functional versatility, which is a big plus. You can borrow as low as $1000 and as much as $35,000 and repay the loan in up to 72 months with the typical APR that ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%. 

Here, it is pertinent to mention that the company does not play any role in deciding the interest rate; it completely depends on the lender. 

The eligibility criterion set by Personal Loans is no different than other companies. You need to be a minimum of 18 years old, have proof of your valid citizenship, a regular source of income (with proof), and a personal checking account. 

Coming to how things work on Personal Loans, it would be apt to let you know in advance that the process is not different from Money Mutual, Credit Loans, or other companies on our list. 

You start by filling out the form that appears on the website’s home page and then submit it. Soon after that, the platform forwards your request to the lenders. Then, on receiving an offer by the lender, you will have the chance to either accept or decline it. 

If the agreement suits you, and you accept the offer, the lender might ask you to submit some more personal information to proceed. 

After the approval process is completed and you both have agreed on common terms, your funds will be provided to you in up to five business days, depending on the lender’s method of transferring the amount. 

Click here to learn more about how Personal Loans works on the official site

FAQ About Online Payday Loans

Q1. What is the most reputable payday loan company?

First, we should know about the best way of borrowing a short-term loan to meet our urgent needs at a crucial time. Obviously, one of the best options you can choose is a payday loan. 

But, the question is, which is the most suitable marketplace for this sort of borrowing? Indeed, it is MoneyMutual, which has been proved to be the top online marketplace for borrowing a loan promptly and comfortably. 

There are some sound reasons behind considering MoneyMutual the best one. Numerous people, more than two million, have experienced and benefited from this online marketplace for lending and borrowing. Its first and foremost job is to connect people with lenders all over the country. 

One of the salient features of MoneyMutuals is the easy way of filling in the application form. It only requires about five minutes to complete. Once you have applied for the loan, your job is over. 

Then MoneyMutual’s work starts, where they forward your biodata to their efficient network of moneylenders. This is the way it seeks the most suitable lenders for you who can offer a loan instantly, which may be up to $2,500.

On your acceptance of the offer, the required amount is transferred directly to your account within a day. 

It is pertinent to clarify that MoneyMutual itself is not a payday lender. It is rather a lender organizational network. It just acts as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. 

The rest of the job is that of the lenders, who apprise you of the terms and conditions of the loan offer, like rate of interest, date of repayment, and other service charges. So, make sure you opt for the offer you think is the best for you.           

You can turn down one offer if its terms do not suit you, and you have a choice to choose another one which you think is better for you.  

Q2. Are there any legit online payday loans?

Of course, all of the above-discussed lending networks are legitimate. They are real and actually work with lenders who offer legal online payday loans.

There is a criterion of judging a true and lawful payday lender. The legitimacy of a lender lies in the fact that they must possess a working license of money lending in the state of which you belong. The license must be displayed with all clarity on the website of the company. 

In case you are doubtful about the legitimacy of a payday loan lender, you can bear it out by consulting the legal forums of your state. It will help you to recognize the companies which deliberately escape the state laws.

No wise person would like to work with and accept an illegal money lending company. Such illegitimate companies take undue advantages like charging excessively high interest rates and imposing huge penalties.

Q3. What is the easiest loan to be approved?

Generally, the lenders do not hesitate to grant comparatively smaller amounts of loans. The reason is that, in smaller loans, no risk is involved for the lenders. Moreover, in smaller loans, the conditions like a credit check, credit history, and credit scores become secondary considerations for the lender. 

However, one of the main demerits that becomes a hurdle in the approval of a loan is a low credit score, for which you have to pay a higher interest rate. If your score is good enough, you can get a loan at a lower interest rate and more easily.

Some of the money lending organizations offer the lowest amounts of payday loans, around $100 to $250. Such a small amount of payday loan can be borrowed on the softest terms. It requires an income of just $1000 monthly. 

Try not to opt for the lenders that charge hefty interest rates, as it would not be favorable for you. In this article, we have reviewed some very decent yet legitimate companies that have no hidden charges. 

Q4. Would it be possible for me to get a loan if my credit score is 450?

Simply the answer is yes. The 450 credit score makes you eligible for a payday loan. But this low score will certainly deprive you of the benefits of which a higher score and attractive credit history can provide. 

The credit score table begins from 300 and goes up to 850. Credit scores ranging from 300 to 500 are below average and become the cause of extremely high interest rates of loans. A 450 credit score in America is too poor to be considered. 

Careful statistical data reveals that the percentage of people having 450 scores in the U.S. is 127.9%, which eventually means they are spending 27.9% more than they should. It is suggested that for the maintenance of good credit,  you must keep the ratio of your average credit utilization less than 30%. 

However, a low credit score and a high debt ratio do not become a hindrance in getting a payday loan from a lender. Your eligibility for a payday loan depends upon the status of your regular income. 

Money Mutual requires you to have a minimum monthly income of $800 to get your payday loan approved. Your source of income can be a regular nine to five job, a pension, disability benefits, or Social Security.

Q5. What are alternatives to costly payday loans?

You might find payday loans unsuitable, especially if you have a poor credit score, because you will be subjected to unreasonable and unjustified rates of interest with huge fees. 

The general public is off and on caution by the Federal Trade Commission about such exploitation and malpractice. But, those who do not have enough knowledge can fall prone to many scams. 

In case you are unable to pay such a payday loan, you can encounter problems. Also, late payments and missing installments may create never-ending issues for you. 

Payday loans are unsecured and unbound. Such loans do not require any pledges, and the duration of repayment is very short. Sometimes, you become liable to make full payment with immediate effect.

The lender may require an automatic withdrawal of the due payment from your account. The other option you can go for is the installment loan. This type of loan is repaid with a decided amount on a monthly basis. You can benefit yourself from an installment loan on soft terms.

Applying for loans online could not have been easier since you have been provided with a variety of online networks of payday and personal loan lenders above.

Additionally, the options of getting a payday loan are not restricted to money lenders only. You may look for your relatives, friends, and well-wishers for a small loan to meet your immediate needs. However, you must be efficient enough to pay them back according to your commitment to them. 

This kind of loan is the easiest one. The only risk involved is that you may lose your precious relationship if you fail to fulfill your promise of paying back the loan according to your commitment. Your agreement, with all of the terms and conditions, including the repayment time frame, must be in black and white.

The next option is that you may use your credit card to get a cash advance. It depends upon the credit limit of your credit card as to how much cash you can borrow. You are entitled to get the 20% of the existing limit of your card.

The annual percentage rate on cash loans will be much bigger than those when buying commodities. You can cut down interest fees if you manage to pay back the credit balance quickly. So, the sooner, the better. 

If you lack the required balance on your cards, the mortgage option is left for you to apply for a loan. In this case, you can pledge any of your possessions, including your house or car, against the amount of the title loan.  Mind you, the lender will confiscate the mortgaged asset if you fail to make the payment of the loan.

Q6. Can I get a payday loan without having a bank account?

Having a bank account is an essential requirement of the lending networks for granting a payday loan to the applicant. Therefore, a borrower must have a checking account in their own name. In this account, the cash granted by the loan provider is deposited.

The following are the other essential requirements.

  • The age of the borrower should be 18 years.
  • Borrower should be either a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Their monthly income should be at least $800, excluding taxes.
  • They must have contact numbers of their home or workplace and an active email address.

Fulfillment of all of the above-mentioned requirements does not mean that your loan is approved. Some lenders might require you to provide additional access to your personal information. 

They like to have direct access to your checking account to make an automatic withdrawal of the loan payments on the due date. This account is also used by the lender for depositing the amount of the loan.

In case you lack funds to repay the loan, you must request your lender in anticipation of the extension of the date. This will provide safety to your credit score from any damaging effect. If you do not have a checking account, you may use your savings account for the same purpose.

There is another alternative for getting your loan approved if you have no bank account at all. Your debit card can be used for this purpose. You can get the amount in cash, or a check can be sent to you at the address you provided

In any case, you will have to communicate with your lender about the option you intend to use for receiving and paying back the amount of the loan beforehand. 

Q7. Being a part of the Federal Credit Union, can I get a loan?

If you are connected with the Federal Credit Union, you can borrow a short-term loan as an alternative to payday loans. The amount you can receive is up to $2,000. 

The costs that you will have to bear for these loans are below the conventional ones. You can decide your loan term and its repayment.

The revised rules of the National Credit Union Administration are:

  • The time to repay the loan ranges from  1 to 12 months.
  • The members of Federal Credit Union have the privilege to get payday alternative loans soon after becoming members. They will not have to wait.

The payday alternative loans aim at helping out the members of Federal Credit Union in giving up the idea of other loans of small amounts. It helps them build up their credit records.

Q8. Are there any plus points of payday loans?

Since payday loans are advantageous, people prefer to opt for them the most. In a time of financial crunch, when you have no other option, a payday loan works. It provides you with cash to meet your urgent needs promptly. 

The nature of an emergency may be different, but it does exist in one way or the other. One may face an emergency in the form of paying utility bills. Others may have to pay the installment of his car loan to save it from being confiscated.

You can enjoy the facility of online payday loans even if you have bad credit, because you will most likely get the approval within no time. 

Q9. Are there any downsides of payday loans?

The worst disadvantage of a payday loan is that it has a high-interest rate. Mostly, the borrowers with bad credit opt for payday loans and they can create a cycle of debt.

Thus, they have to pay the cost of their bad credit in the form of paying high interest rates. This is because they are seen as high-risk to lenders; therefore, they are charged excessively.

The rates of payday lenders for the borrowers of bad credit scores are 391%  APR, or in some cases, it goes higher than that (as much as 2,290%).

Additionally, some other disadvantages have also been observed, which are discussed below:

  • Using the Loan for the Wrong Cause 

Although payday loans are exclusively meant for emergency purposes, many borrowers utilize this loan for current expenses like paying rent and utility bills, which is unwise.

  • Difficulty in Managing Monthly Expenses

Your mismanagement in the utilization of payday loans can increase your trouble instead of decrease it. The average earning of a borrower is $30,000 per annum. 58% of such imprudent borrowers get into trouble when they make recurring expenses with payday loans.

  • Tight Repayment Schedule 

The threat of the repayment of payday loans remains impending. Since, in most cases, the online lender has direct access to the borrower’s checking account, they withdraw the installment of the payment of the loan from the borrower’s account, leaving no option for the borrower to pay all other payments. 

However, some of the lenders recommended by us are lenient in permitting you to repay the loan on a monthly basis, instead of weekly, with comparatively lesser interest rates.

  • Not Affordable for Some Individuals

A normal payday loan uses 36% of the borrower’s total income. However, a large number of borrowers can bear only 5% of interest for a loan after covering the basic expenditures.

  • Loan After Loan Is Needed

Large numbers of payday loan borrowers, almost 80%, have to borrow a fresh loan within a couple of weeks for the repayment of the previous payday loan. It is like creating a vicious cycle of debt where the borrowers are trapped.      


Any unexpected circumstance can quickly upset your financial position. In such situations, you can fall back on the payday loan facility. But, the condition is that you must have the capacity to pay back the loan without affecting your expenditures in routine.

The online lending marketplaces we have recommended for you can serve this purpose. You have a choice to go for the option that suits you the most. The procedure to apply for a payday loan is quite simple, and above all, you can get the cash instantly. 

The thing that is most important is to review the terms and conditions thoroughly, no matter if it is a payday loan or a short-term personal loan. To avoid regretting it later, pay attention today. 

Even borrowers with bad credit can qualify for this type of loan. The rates of interest can be higher than your expectation and affordability. However, you can manage to make it favorable for you if you pay promptly and regularly. With wise planning, you can easily avoid paying more than the actual amount due. From our top picks today, we would personally recommend considering MoneyMutual for your money needs. 

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links Observer will earn a commission.

Best Payday Loans Online 2021

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Best Debt Consolidation Loans of September 2021 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 Reached Ideal for bad credit and quick financing 6.76 – 35.99% The full range of rates available vary by state. The average 3 year loan offered by all lenders using the Upstart platform will have an APR of 24.4% and 36 monthly payments of $ 36 per $ 1,000 borrowed. There is no deposit or […]]]>


Ideal for bad credit and quick financing

6.76 – 35.99%

The full range of rates available vary by state. The average 3 year loan offered by all lenders using the Upstart platform will have an APR of 24.4% and 36 monthly payments of $ 36 per $ 1,000 borrowed. There is no deposit or early repayment penalty. The average APR is calculated based on the 3-year rates offered in the last month. Your APR will be determined based on your credit, income, and certain other information provided in your loan application. Not all applicants will be approved.

$ 1,000 – $ 50,000


To pay

To pay

Best for Fair Credit and Credit Card Debt Repayment

5.99 – 24.99%

This does not constitute an actual commitment to lend or an offer to extend credit. When submitting a loan application, you may be asked to provide additional documents to enable us to verify your income, assets and financial situation. Your interest rate and the terms for which you are approved will be shown to you as part of the online application process. Most applicants will receive a variety of loan offers to choose from, with varying loan amounts and interest rates. Borrower subject to a loan origination fee, which is deducted from the loan proceeds. Refer to the entire borrower agreement for all terms, conditions and requirements.

$ 5,000 – $ 40,000




Best for Good credit and low rates

2.49 – 19.99%

The terms of your loan, including the APR, may differ depending on the purpose of the loan, amount, term, and your credit profile. AutoPay 0.50% points discount is only available if selected prior to loan funding. Rates without AutoPay will be 0.50% higher. To get a loan, you must complete an application on which may affect your credit score. Subject to credit approval. Conditions and limitations apply. The advertised rates and conditions are subject to change without notice. Example Payment: Monthly loan payments of $ 10,000 at 6.14% APR with a term of 3 years would result in 36 monthly payments of $ 304.85. Truist Bank is an equal housing lender. © 2021 Truist Financial Corporation. SunTrust, Truist, LightStream, the LightStream logo, and the SunTrust logo are service marks of Truist Financial Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Loan services provided by Truist Bank.

$ 5,000 – $ 100,000


Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

on the Goldman Sachs website

Best for Good credit and no fees

6.99 – 19.99%

Your loan terms are not guaranteed and are subject to our verification of your identity and credit information. To get a loan, you need to submit additional documents including an application that may affect your credit score. The availability of a loan offer and the terms of your actual offer will vary due to a number of factors, including the purpose of your loan and our assessment of your creditworthiness. Rates will vary depending on many factors, such as your creditworthiness (for example, your credit rating and credit history) and the length of your loan (for example, 36-month loan rates are usually lower than loan rates. 72 month loans). The maximum loan amount may vary depending on the purpose of your loan, your income and your creditworthiness. Your verifiable income should support your ability to repay your loan. Marcus by Goldman Sachs is a trademark of Goldman Sachs Bank USA and all loans are issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City branch. Applications are subject to additional general conditions. Receive a 0.25% APR discount when you sign up for AutoPay. This reduction will not be applied if AutoPay is not in effect. Once enrolled, more of your monthly payment will go toward your principal loan amount and less interest will accrue on your loan, which can result in a smaller final payment. See the loan agreement for more details.

$ 3,500 – $ 40,000


600 minimum VantageScore® 3.0 and 660 minimum FICO® 9.0.

To improve

To improve

Best for Fair credit and direct payment to creditors

5.94 – 35.47%

Personal loans granted through Upgrade have APRs of 5.94% to 35.47%. All personal loans have an origination fee of 2.9% to 8%, which is deducted from the loan proceeds. The lower rates require automatic payment and direct repayment of part of the existing debt. For example, if you received a loan of $ 10,000 with a term of 36 months and an APR of 17.98% (which includes an annual interest rate of 14.32% and a one-time setup fee of 5%) , you will receive $ 9,500 in your account and have a required monthly payment of $ 343.33. Over the life of the loan, your payments would total $ 12,359.97. Your loan’s APR may be higher or lower, and your loan offers may not have multiple terms available. The actual rate depends on credit rating, credit history, length of loan, and other factors. Late payments or subsequent charges and fees can increase the cost of your fixed rate loan. There are no fees or penalties for early repayment of a loan. Personal loans issued by Upgrade lending partners. Information on Upgrade Lending Partners is available at Accept your loan offer and your funds will be sent to your bank or designated account within one (1) business day after completing the necessary verifications. The availability of funds depends on how quickly your bank processes the transaction. From the time of approval, funds should be available within four (4) business days. Funds sent directly to pay off your creditors can take up to 2 weeks to clear, depending on the creditor.

$ 1,000 – $ 50,000




Best for Good Joint Loan and Credit Option

7.95 – 35.99%

For example, a personal loan of $ 10,000 over three years would have an interest rate of 11.74% and a origination charge of 5.00% for an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 15.34% APR. You will receive $ 9,500 and make 36 scheduled monthly payments of $ 330.90. A personal loan of $ 10,000 over five years would have an interest rate of 11.99% and a origination fee of 5.00% with an APR of 14.27%. You would receive $ 9,500 and make 60 scheduled monthly payments of $ 222.39. The origination fees vary between 2.41% and 5%. Personal loan APRs through Prosper range from 7.95% to 35.99%, with the lowest rates for the most creditworthy borrowers. Eligibility for personal loans up to $ 40,000 depends on the information provided by the applicant in the application form. Eligibility for personal loans is not guaranteed and requires that a sufficient number of investors commit funds to your account and that you meet credit and other requirements. Refer to the Borrower’s Registration Agreement for more details and full terms and conditions. All personal loans made by WebBank, FDIC member.

$ 2,000 – $ 40,000



Discover® Personal loans

Ideal for Excellent credit and flexible payment options

6.99 – 24.99%

It is not a commitment to lend with Discover Personal Loans. Your approval for a loan is determined after you apply and is based on your application information and your credit history. Your APR will be between 6.99% and 24.99% depending on creditworthiness at the time of application for loan terms of 36 to 84 months. For example, if you get approved for a loan of $ 15,000 at 6.99% APR for 72 months, you will only pay $ 256 per month. Our lowest rates are offered to consumers with the best credit. There are many factors that are used to determine your rate, such as your credit history, application information, and the term you select. Not all applications will be approved.

$ 2,500 – $ 35,000


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