Case Study: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Follow Its Cultural Personality – Employee Experience

Employee sentiment surveys are a way for companies to capture the successes and failures of their corporate culture.

Digital Nation Australia spoke to Dee Monaghan, Head of Culture, Engagement and Behavioral Risk, and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to understand the bank’s investment in its corporate culture after conducting a review with PwC.

According to Monaghan, “Culture is a real differentiator for the bank, but they didn’t quite understand why. So what made it different? What made him special?

In 2019, the bank partnered with PwC, where Monaghan was a director and consultant at the time, to undertake ethnographic research to better understand the cultural personality of the bank.

This was done in order to better understand the risks and challenges posed by the bank’s cultural traits, as well as the points of difference that set Bendigo apart.

The report found that a focus on relationships was one of the bank’s inherent cultural traits, Monaghan said.

She believes this is one of the factors involved in the bank’s resilience over the past two years.

One of the actions Bendigo took in the wake of the report was to partner with Qualtrics to generate more dynamic insights from employee engagement surveys.

“We went to market looking for a partner who would be able to help us with a system that would enable this leader-led approach to this self-service model. And what we were able to create in partnership with Qualtrics is a 12-month employee experience analysis approach where we have two semi-annual assessments of our employee experience, then we have ad-hoc assessments based on some relevant key issues that are happening for the employee. business,” Monaghan said.

Some of these surveys have studied employee well-being, others have looked at sentiment regarding vaccinations and back-to-work policies.

“The platform has been a huge enabler in getting information to our employees in a very fast way.”

Before the platform, manual surveys took months to collect data, whereas with Qualtrics, the bank can collect information from 1,700 employees between the ages of nine and ten, she said.

The investment in Qualtrics is part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s broader transformation agenda, and Monaghan notes that the organization is looking to simplify its systems and processes.

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